Bought a Ram 3500 Dually from Copart Salvage Auction (Worse than I thought)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 10, 2018
  • First look at my new Ram 3500 Dually. It was a bit more damage than expected. 

    It was listed as "Run and Drive". Find out what that really means.

    Part 1 Bought a Salvage RAM 3500

    Part 2 Shop refused to Repair my RAM 3500

    Part 3 Salvage RAM 3500 Teardown and Cost Breakdown

    Part 4 Bodywork Nearly Complete


  • Jody Morton
    Jody Morton  28 days ago


  • Markus Nelson
    Markus Nelson  1 months ago


  • FF Film Crew
    FF Film Crew  1 months ago

    If you could get that thing for 500 bucks and use the motor to make a generator and use some of the interior seats to do an upgrade then I'd maybe buy that truck if I just needed the motor for another working truck. How in the hell can that thing be considered drivable though?

  • John Wren
    John Wren  4 months ago

    Looks like the truck went over a low concrete wall at speed the way the front fender is hit and the frame and suspension damage. Lots of luck.

  • Archie Moses
    Archie Moses  6 months ago

    Do ya thing

  • Craig X
    Craig X  6 months ago

    yup that there is a drive shaft not axle ...... should be a ez truck to fix

  • Brian McGaffigan
    Brian McGaffigan  6 months ago

    Fuck man few gallons of bondo n cost of paint n gd to next

  • Brian McGaffigan
    Brian McGaffigan  6 months ago

    N the Cummins engine alone worth 1ike

  • Brian McGaffigan
    Brian McGaffigan  6 months ago

    Why does it sound like ur gargling balls wen ur talking

  • Alexander Wright
    Alexander Wright  7 months ago

    How much did he pay for it

  • Blaine Mueller
    Blaine Mueller  7 months ago

    It is cummins not cumming

  • E G
    E G  7 months ago

    No comments need it. 😲

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor  8 months ago

    "cumm(eengs) engine, I have had experience with that engine and i love that engine." Lmao the guy doesn't even know how to say cummin's! XD

  • Timothy Parker
    Timothy Parker  8 months ago

    Someone please take this truck away from him

  • Elijah Mcgee
    Elijah Mcgee  9 months ago

    Life is like a box of choclites you never know what you are going to get i think your very lucky next time check it

  • william uldriks
    william uldriks  9 months ago

    DUDE! Stick to model building. This is whats called a write-off.

  • Sam Riley
    Sam Riley  9 months ago

    Time to learn young fella.

  • Elijah Mcgee
    Elijah Mcgee  10 months ago

    Do you think. Rear end twisted

  • Elijah Mcgee
    Elijah Mcgee  10 months ago

    Bet fram damage dont think you know whats up here

  • That's besides the point

    The airbag's didn't deploy ?
    That's a pretty tuff truck !
    Good luck buddy 👍