Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake 日式棉花蛋糕

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 8, 2019
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    Ingredients :
    5 egg yolks (蛋黄)
    1 egg (全蛋)
    60g melted butter (溶化牛油)
    100ml milk (牛奶)
    60g plain flour(普通面粉)
    20g corn flour (玉米粉)

    5 egg whites (蛋白)
    1/4 tsp salt(盐)
    90g caster sugar (细砂糖)

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  • Hằng Nguyễn
    Hằng Nguyễn  8 months ago +2059

    I baked this, it was soft, delicious and it didn't crack on top, just like you did. Oh and I add a little bit of vanilla and a little bit of parmesan cheese powder, but the rest are the same as you. Thank you for the recipe <3

  • ونيسة عبدالسلام

    مقادير بي كوب 🥤

  • celeste MMLL
    celeste MMLL  8 hours ago

    Oh mAn why i had to clicked on this

  • allenskd
    allenskd  17 hours ago


    I attempted this recipe today and wanted some insights

    - How sweet (if you can provide examples) is this sponge cake supposed to be? I tasted the batter and it didn't seem that sweet to me which maybe has to do with the choice of sugar I chose (brand?)
    - Mine was a bit more runny but not by much in comparison. I have a scale and measured all the necessary ingredients.... but I don't know if anyone else had their batter a bit "softer" than what it is shown and how to fix it.

  • Bryan Ade
    Bryan Ade  yesterday

    https://youtu.be/ia0IDIdkf-M check out please

  • Alejandra Ferreyra

    Qué bonito trabajo! 😍

  • Bananitaso SK
    Bananitaso SK  2 days ago

    thanks for the last two min with born music, incredible, amazing, perfect job

  • TeknoMaX
    TeknoMaX  2 days ago

    This looks so, so delicious, to eat with tea, cocoa, or our argentinian mate. I'll be doing this soon!

  • Brooke Cole
    Brooke Cole  2 days ago

    Brilliant. Next time I want to wash my car, I will be sure to make one of these first 😁

  • Енлик Адил

    Русские вы где?😅😀

  • Ike Puspita
    Ike Puspita  2 days ago

    Jadinya bagus banget 😍😍

  • Kimberly Macias
    Kimberly Macias  3 days ago

    I have a doubt, for how long the cake need to stay in the oven? and whats the temperature? Thanks c

  • Roxana Boca
    Roxana Boca  3 days ago


  • hotmandead1
    hotmandead1  3 days ago

    Wow no baking soda !

  • unicorn x
    unicorn x  3 days ago

    İLK TÜRKÜM JRKDNFNJFT harbiden sünger gibi

  • Sreya Basu Chowdhuri

    Hi.. Can I bake it in pressure cooker? Please help

  • Marta Del Cid
    Marta Del Cid  4 days ago

    How much INGREDIENTS?

  • leasmith412
    leasmith412  4 days ago

    🤔🤔🤔 I would literally get all the ingredients needed & stick it in my processor...done in 15 mins including cooking time.

  • Lauren Baby
    Lauren Baby  4 days ago

    So calming and relaxing

  • V.Antonio Fernandes
    V.Antonio Fernandes  4 days ago +1

    Hi, the something to me - as for Mandeep Kour Sardarni: I follow the measures & steps, and the cake had a gel base, and spongey upper layer. Any idea why this happened ? Thanks