Ring Rees-Mogg: Jacob Rees-Mogg Grilled By Listeners - LBC

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019
  • With the Tory leadership contest in full flow, Jacob Rees-Mogg will be answering questions from LBC listeners.

    The leading Brexiter will answer any question you want to ask him.

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  • Richard Webb
    Richard Webb  4 months ago

    Elitist and entitled believer in a a violent, misogynistic, racist, and homophobic Iron Age biblical text - despicable.

  • nigelcarren
    nigelcarren  6 months ago

    Please remember the Ravens can't leave the tower... Because their wings are clipped!

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith  6 months ago

    I am Scottish and I wat a separation of the England and Scotland. I find it funny that I am listening to an English minister explaining what the people of Scotland want and how we feel. I have no confidence in Westminster nor do I think they care what happens to us. I wish no harm to England or the people. I simply want the people of Scotland to have complete control over their own country.

  • Bill Oliver
    Bill Oliver  6 months ago

    10.59 - had to stop listening at this point as I could not tolerate this appallingly myopic upper class bigot any longer

  • multisphere1
    multisphere1  6 months ago

    Everyone seams scared of Corbin. He must be man of great strength and determination. For who’s interest , I wonder ? Oh don’t say of the people! How about riches ?! Omg! And Tory’s !!! Catastrophe! 😀

  • zadran zadrani
    zadran zadrani  6 months ago

    BBC - biased broadcasting corporation lol Never heard of it.. in foreign countries they call BBC as British Bullshiting corporation in England they call BBC biased broadcasting corporation

  • Paul Wedlock
    Paul Wedlock  6 months ago

    The Comment question about Raped & hung? Is that the unlawful Sharia Law's in the UK NOW?
    Against Qur'an 3:55 Respect Christians!
    I regard his comment as HATEFUL! Against Christian UK peoples:-/

  • Fred Huybens
    Fred Huybens  6 months ago

    Charles Michel from Belgium is President of the European Counsel. So it's wrong to say small countries were ignored.

  • Delogros
    Delogros  6 months ago

    Interesting I never heard anyone suggest that MP's of the party's that don't win in general elections shouldn't be paid as they disagree with the ideology of the elected Party... Interesting this line has only started turning up in the last month or so.

  • Stephen Cockett
    Stephen Cockett  6 months ago

    Vassall states are slave states - a vassall is a slave. A white slave of course - so therefore acceptable to the great and the good.
    However - a slave is still a slave.

  • P Mackenzie
    P Mackenzie  6 months ago

    what is this country coming to....bojo Donald anne nigel Jacob .. we are a little country not an empire anymore thank goodness.. these guys are an embarrasement

  • christopher cook
    christopher cook  6 months ago

    l went Russia knocked on a door and asked ' Is Len in. They said he died but Corb will be back soon to see Put, who will be in soon.

  • christopher cook
    christopher cook  6 months ago

    l voted join a trading clubEEU of 8. Iwas oot given a vote on joinig the EU something that took over our,independace and finances .

  • mary doherty
    mary doherty  6 months ago

    i have a question for mr rees-mogg, the war on drugs is clearly not working so my question is, how does he stand when it comes to the country adopting a california style model for the medical & recreational marijuana use? where revenue it generates is ploughed back into local community regeneration programmes and funds the real war on drugs such as cocaine and heroin?

  • Lewis Baglow
    Lewis Baglow  6 months ago

    Strofi Kornego
     you show yourself up as a prat.

  • Lewis Baglow
    Lewis Baglow  6 months ago

    Strofi Kornego
     Remoaners are complete idiots, and they prove it every day.

  • Lewis Baglow
    Lewis Baglow  6 months ago

    If Jacobs sister should not get paid, then 400 of the morons in parliament who are actively fighting against the democratic vote, ought to be forced to repay the money they have taken from taxpayers.

  • valleysofneptune
    valleysofneptune  6 months ago

    Before mass immigration in the late 90’s and early 2000’s did we have low wages in construction? Or zero hours contracts? Proof is in the figures, Labour did it to rub the faces of the right with diversity, that hasn’t worked. Ann Widdecombe did a cracking job with her speech. The eu is a federal project, and we do NOT want a one state solution.

  • Nicholas D. Kleovoulou

    I love how all the comments about this Joker is about whether no deal is good or not as if it will make a bollock of a difference to the regular bloke’s pocket whether BoJo will strike a deal with Japan or not. Jeez.

  • Leonna Graca
    Leonna Graca  6 months ago

    Michael f*** off