This is epic!!!! live streaming!!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 20, 2019
  • were live streaming!!!!!!


  • The Bean Fiddler  5 months ago

    You got so many haters on YouTube bro, saying you can't do it... Were with you 100 percent bud!!!!!!

  • Dave Mallary  5 months ago

    The haters are still watching.

  • Andrew Lai Wing  5 months ago

    @SP392 That's fine tho, I need stuff to watch and so I shall watch. I haven't given this guy a cent so whatever happens in the end I'm not losing out

  • mawar bodas  5 months ago

    Whats up D.I.Y gang can't wait sandblast process

  • mawar bodas  5 months ago

    D.I.Y GANG i have an idea..would you build to coupe hellcat..n put on canvas roof with wire..Indonesia watch now

  • D.I.Y GANG  5 months ago

    Me too bro!!😜👊

  • jordan Harmon  5 months ago

    Don’t give away the only true demon to ever live

  • Erik Bailey  5 months ago

    U doing awesome job bro u are inspiring me to look for my own H C can't wait to see the finish ride! Show thoese haiter D I Y is where its at!

  • D.I.Y GANG  5 months ago

    Appreciate the love bro!!

  • Fonzie Bogard  5 months ago

    Right here in the US IAM sending you a 100 shot no's kit

  • Josh Crump  5 months ago

    awesome! showin love!

  • Pete Williams  5 months ago

    Hi bro Pete from UK England great job your doing keep it up

  • Realtime Reviews  5 months ago

    This dude look like a mix of miguel and Chris breezy

  • Richard Wells  5 months ago

    Man you really took on a amazing project.More power to you I want to see the finish product

  • The Bean Fiddler  5 months ago

    I need a Diy Gang shirt A.S.A.P

  • D.I.Y GANG  5 months ago

    Def fam..doon bro😜👊🙌

  • First Last  5 months ago

    Yer keep those donations coming lol