Allan Donald Enters The ICC Cricket Hall of Fame! | New Inductee | ICC

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
  • The latest inductee to the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame: the one and only Allan Donald.


  • Abhimanyu Kohli
    Abhimanyu Kohli  2 days ago

    A true legend.

  • English hits Hits
    English hits Hits  28 days ago


  • Avinash Kshatriya
    Avinash Kshatriya  a months ago


  • lifesakaleidoscope
    lifesakaleidoscope  4 months ago

    The most beautiful bowling action for me.

  • Abey Abraham
    Abey Abraham  4 months ago

    The best aggressive action for a fast bowler ever

  • Faisal Banarasi
    Faisal Banarasi  4 months ago

    great name of remembaring 1999 semifinal

  • zeeshan lalani
    zeeshan lalani  4 months ago

    Easily the best action followed only by Jimmy Anderson. Treuly heartwarming to watch. Thanks.

  • zeeshan lalani
    zeeshan lalani  4 months ago

    What speeds did he bowl at ? Can't seem to see them in any of his videos online.

  • Bobby Thomas
    Bobby Thomas  4 months ago

    Took him 16 years post retirement to make it in

  • Johnny Sharp
    Johnny Sharp  4 months ago

    Agression with elegance - Allan Donald

  • Manu Ved Sharma
    Manu Ved Sharma  4 months ago

    He was and is my hero, I became fast bowler due to him and his ultra smooth bowling action which I used after practising too much, believe me, his was a very good bowling action which generated good pace and bounce, and I became the fastest bowler in my college because of that.
    Hats off to you dear Mr. Donald, you were one of the rare breed of pure fast and furious bowling with unrelenting and uncompromising awesome pace

  • Midnyte Vega
    Midnyte Vega  4 months ago

    The spell of bowling vs the Waugh bros....will always remain in my memory

  • Justin Fernandes
    Justin Fernandes  4 months ago

    Who else used to mimic his bowling action while playing??

  • Sam tenda
    Sam tenda  4 months ago

    My childhood hero, copied his style

  • R B
    R B  4 months ago

    The player I hated most when Indian players were batting!

  • Imran Sahir
    Imran Sahir  4 months ago

    One of my childhood heros. ❤️

  • Smarajit Punaykanti
    Smarajit Punaykanti  4 months ago

    The fiersome bowler of 1990s

  • Guru Prasad
    Guru Prasad  4 months ago

    His bowling action, pure poetry in motion...

  • ali khan
    ali khan  4 months ago

    With this kind of bowling action and cream on, his bowling looked awesome

  • ali khan
    ali khan  4 months ago

    If donald didnt take wicket, still the pressure he put on batsmen would help other bowlers to take wicket