it's going to be okay...

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 23, 2019
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  • Ambition
    Ambition  5 months ago +1221

    more calm beats for depression & anxiety 💕

  • Reese Hartwick
    Reese Hartwick  5 months ago +2991

    for the shy kissers,
    for the nobodies,
    for the ones who can’t say no,
    and the ones who are too scared to try.
    for the kids with bad homes,
    for the folk who don’t fit in,
    for the ones whose names never fit,
    and whose bodies hurt like cracked glass.
    no matter who you are,
    remember that stars are made in your likeness,
    and that you were sewn from the hand of the universe
    to be you.
    you were stitched together from stardust and hope,
    and given as a gift to the earth.
    to anyone and everyone that needs it;
    know that the stars look up to you
    and your lovely imperfections.
    (I’m really glad everyone’s liked this!! :))

  • Micastar 29
    Micastar 29  3 months ago +903

    Did you know why you feel sleepy after crying?
    Its God's message to say to us "Rest now my child,You've been so strong"

  • RobbertLW
    RobbertLW  4 months ago +2743

    This comment section kinda makes me feel like I have friends.

  • Nigh Hendry
    Nigh Hendry  4 months ago +1911

    > sees title
    > starts crying because how did youtube's algorithm know I had a bad night

  • Beached Potato
    Beached Potato  3 months ago +926

    Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.
    - Dr. Seuss

  • dolphiintears
    dolphiintears  3 months ago +370

    hey, i think you're a great person, so please, please, dont give up.

  • kirsten prestegaard
    kirsten prestegaard  3 months ago +436

    you’ll be ok
    you can make it through today
    you are valid
    you are beautiful
    take a deep breath
    feel the air fill your lungs
    hear your heartbeat
    feel the blood pumping through your body
    know that you are alive
    look around you
    you made it this far
    look to the past
    you made it through that
    look to the future
    you can conquer that
    feel your emotions
    let them run their course
    don’t bottle things up
    uncork it and let the contents flow like a river
    see yourself
    let that reflection know it’s beautiful
    stop trying to find love
    let it find you
    take care of that love
    let it blossom and bloom
    treat it with respect
    you got this
    you can make it through tonight
    keep going
    with a mind that’s been through hell

  • Walnut
    Walnut  4 months ago +156

    it's not going to be okay when the duolingo bird is chasing after me because i missed a lesson

  • Oni kiri
    Oni kiri  5 months ago +2698

    Virtual hug to everyone who feel sad out there.

  • ᥆ᥒᥱ ᥣ᥆᥉ᥱr
    ᥆ᥒᥱ ᥣ᥆᥉ᥱr  3 months ago +470

    You there
    Yes you, the person reading this, I have to tell you something! It's really important!
    I love you so much 💞 you're an amazing person and I promise everything will be okay, also you look really pretty/handsome today

  • yeyeBTSyeye
    yeyeBTSyeye  3 months ago +637

    When i was younger my family and I went to New York City and i got lost and i was walking around calm as can be but I was so scared and sad and anxious. Yet somehow i felt liberated. I was great at masking my feelings behind a mask so that no one would see the true me. As i walked around an old homeless man called to me and started talking to me, he said that it's going to be ok, and that I don't have to be sad anymore. The thing is that i had a smile on my face and never before has anyone been able to tell my feelings behind my mask. I was so amazed and so I cried and asked him how he knew. He said because he used to act happy even when all he wanted to do was cry. He told me his name and helped me find my parents. About 3 years later i came back to look for him and thank him, I asked the store manager in front of the spot he was, if he still came there. The manager said he died 3 years ago. Coincidentally enough, the day after he helped me. He was an amazing soul in my eyes. I will always be surprised on how my mask was seen through~

  • Lenny OwO
    Lenny OwO  5 months ago +561

    I do not know why I feel so bad, so many people suffering and going through situations much worse than mine. Compared to them, I am privileged.

    Still I feel so bad, empty, I always want to cry ...

    I feel good watching and reading things I like, but when it's over ... happiness goes away as well.

    And I just feel worse for feeling like this. I should be strong and happy with everything I have.

    I do not understand myself...

    I try to be okay, but it's so fucking hard!

    Sorry for the hype, haha, I just can not talk to anyone and ... anyway.

    If you had the patience to read this, thank you very much.

  • Novèmbre Allūre
    Novèmbre Allūre  4 months ago +377

    your fate's so blurry.
    it's because you forgot to wipe your tears
    hold on tight; it's just another day
    you'll get through this, it's gonna be okay

  • Ruby M
    Ruby M  4 months ago +184

    You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.

  • a cute a poot
    a cute a poot  3 months ago +81

    i know you're out there. somewhere on earth, you're waiting for me. i hope we find each other very soon.

  • Anime For life
    Anime For life  4 months ago +243

    This comment section is what I wished the World had

  • Joonpiter
    Joonpiter  3 months ago +130

    Whoever has depression and anxiety, just know that you never walk alone.

  • fuck my arse
    fuck my arse  4 months ago +250

    whoever owns this channel, bless you. Angel in disguise.

  • zүяιεs
    zүяιεs  4 months ago +96

    Remember: Bad people don't worry if they're bad people or not.