Retired Navy SEAL Explains How to Prepare for Dangerous Situations | Tradecraft | WIRED

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL and crisis management professional, explains how we can prepare for almost any emergency situation by being ultra aware of our surroundings.

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    Retired Navy SEAL Explains How to Prepare for Dangerous Situations | Tradecraft | WIRED


  • xmodmodifier
    xmodmodifier  10 hours ago

    So which one of you gun owners going to see this video and actually test that body armor of books and tiles?

  • Faiz Said
    Faiz Said  12 hours ago

    Man has features of a tank.

  • Thys Greeff
    Thys Greeff  16 hours ago

    Personal danger is when someone around us is going to attack or try to rob me and stab without hesitation... I've had to disarm more than once a man with a knife none of this crap is helpful

  • C Q
    C Q  17 hours ago

    Don't bring a paper bat to a gun fight

  • Danelius
    Danelius  yesterday

    Thank you, enjoyed it.

  • IamJacksColon4
    IamJacksColon4  yesterday

    no don shipley?

  • Force
    Force  2 days ago

    im tryna find out some traumatizing stories in the Navy but can't find not 1.

  • OTF
    OTF  2 days ago

    Salt and pepper burns the eyes

    Dale Gribble: pocket sand

  • theguywithone
    theguywithone  2 days ago

    Ignore it if you want to and hope you’re still alive when you realize you should have paid attention while also realizing you’re still screwed anyway. This is serious stuff. Don’t find that out the hard way.

  • Emily
    Emily  2 days ago

    He is really really ridiculously good looking....

  • Michael Fairchild

    "Before I select my food, can I get a blueprint of this place?"

  • Star Light
    Star Light  3 days ago

    👏👏 Everything he stated is 💯👏👏
    Monitor your surroundings & trust nothing that moves #StayAlert

  • evaschubmehl6
    evaschubmehl6  3 days ago

    Does any just watch this series learn all of this for no apparent reason.

  • Jonathan Constant

    well I need to go buy some ceramic tiles now...

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson  3 days ago

    2:10 Well, yeah. But at this point in the movie he doesn't know he's an "operative" or who/what he even is.

  • Omkar B
    Omkar B  3 days ago

    DUCT TAPE is what i need

  • C C
    C C  3 days ago +1


    Me: those things with words.

  • Anthony Butterfield

    Millwall bats

  • K Harrison
    K Harrison  4 days ago

    Him: Run Hide Fight
    Hide in his terms hide go to cover then fight

    The whole of the UK

    Run Hide Tell

  • nobody d
    nobody d  4 days ago