How Barack Proposed To Michelle Obama

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018
  • 'Becoming' author and former First Lady Michelle Obama says her now-husband's lawyerly marriage proposal was presented with an opening argument.

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  • Battleheim
    Battleheim  yesterday

    Gillette. The best Michelle can get!

  • Look Both Ways
    Look Both Ways  4 days ago

    Michelle Obama is a beautiful women and a great American.

  • Diane N
    Diane N  4 days ago

    cute story actually.

  • salty dog
    salty dog  5 days ago

    I know how Barack Obama proposed to Michael. Hey man you want to pretend to be my wife.

  • Robert Light
    Robert Light  6 days ago

    Michelle/Bernie 2020 !

  • Perfect Storm
    Perfect Storm  7 days ago

    extremely low intellect

  • sonya Pickett
    sonya Pickett  7 days ago

    You mean the mikel

  • Alicia Walker
    Alicia Walker  10 days ago +2

    Wow this aired on my 30th birthday 😍

  • Frepa Gioerne
    Frepa Gioerne  10 days ago

    How Barack Proposed To Michelle Obama? On one knee, with Michael tapping his schlong on his forehead (hence the sperm depicted in his Presidential portrait)

  • Damilola A
    Damilola A  10 days ago

    Nice one 👌

  • Karen Oggs
    Karen Oggs  11 days ago

    Tea bagging him..
    They both were kick off the board.. they dont have any brains
    They couldn't get married till he pass the law..
    Micheal is sitting like a man

  • Madd Maxx
    Madd Maxx  11 days ago

    Obama had a box of condoms and lube for me for his proposal. HAHAHAHAHAHA, CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!!!

  • Christopher Rivera

    He/she was disbarred from fraud!! Gay marriage was ok until these 2 were in OUR White House!! So much scandal with these 2!! People wake up!!

    HONEY HAINES  11 days ago

    Does she believe the commander and chief now should recieve this kind of respect? Amazing how hypocritical these dems are

  • maniaweng
    maniaweng  11 days ago +2

    Money can't buy grace, integrity and intelligence. I'm from Asia and I miss the Obamas... from watching our news channels. My colleague from The States used to like when we asked, "yo ~ how's your president" but not now, and we keep asking this same question just to annoy him --- hahahaha. They are a sensation because they set the bar and example beyond the US.

  • Arie Arie
    Arie Arie  11 days ago

    Gotta love te obama couple, .. they are both nice men.

  • Luka Paunović
    Luka Paunović  12 days ago

    I learned everything from interviews I don't even need to read the book

  • Clara Astier
    Clara Astier  12 days ago

    Can't you guys give us the Obama couple in France ? We'd love for them to replace the stupid Macaron we have now. And we'd give them lots of good food !

  • A
    A  12 days ago

    He offered him 10 bananas an one skunk hide?..... AND, A NEW HAIR HAT.

  • Rosy Jackson
    Rosy Jackson  13 days ago +1

    best. couple. ever.