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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 27, 2018
  • Mike and Diane Bickle on why this is the last Onething conference for some time.

    Letter from Mike about taking a break from conferences:


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  • International House of Prayer

    For those who may be looking for some details after watching this video:

    Check out timestamp 1:00 — In this season we are taking time as a ministry to re-sign up to Jesus being our one thing, unto a deeper connection with God.

    Check out timestamp 1:38 and 4:46 — We are taking a break from doing conferences, in order to slow down our pace and come together as a spiritual family, intentionally focusing on doing the second commandment well (Mark 12:31).

    These points, and more, are also mentioned in a letter Mike wrote about taking a break from conferences like Onething: https://www.ihopkc.org/resources/blog/last-onething-conference/

    Expectation is building as we get closer to December 28, and we're hoping you'll join with us for four days of coming together as one unified body to encounter Jesus!

  • True Life Church
    True Life Church  11 months ago +1

    Thank you for being obedient to the Lord. Our church has also joined IHOP KC in the call to reset. Blessings from Canada 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jamie Newberry
    Jamie Newberry  a years ago +2

    This is so spot on!!!

  • Hjerte hjemme
    Hjerte hjemme  a years ago +2

    The most important work is what we do in our family and our homes! ❤️ Fathering and mothering a FAMILY as we live slow (so we have TIME for Jesus!) Loving God and eachother! ❤️ Blessings from Norway. 🇳🇴

  • Awaken To Life
    Awaken To Life  a years ago +1

    I truly feel like this is a very prophetic message. IHOP really has their finger on the pulse of what God is doing globally. This message designates deeply with me for the season I’m in and I know I’m not the only one. Glad to be tuning in online and I hope to visit soon.

  • 죄사함예수님 십자가 보혈의 은혜로

    Onemind Amen Hallelujha

  • Delores Merrion
    Delores Merrion  a years ago

    Let me just include that I have never stopped loving you all and the Body of Christ. But I continue to not understand where you all are going, and what you are really looking for....?

  • HisLoveArmy
    HisLoveArmy  a years ago +2

    So good
    It’s really a word for the body of Christ 👍

  • Fanny Contiliano
    Fanny Contiliano  a years ago +1


  • Tom Hart
    Tom Hart  a years ago +2

    At 4:41, Diane mentions having a prophetic word in the past. Mike mentioned that prophetic word (which was part of the blueprint prophecy) in the Encountering Jesus CD set (on CD 12), where he said, "Their safety is in being close together in wholesome, mature relationships."

  • Mary Underwood
    Mary Underwood  a years ago +3

    I was just prophesied over last month “Martha be Mary” so this is confirmation. 🙏. Wow

  • Sharon Mayhew
    Sharon Mayhew  a years ago +5

    YES, we're a FAMILY......all of US together, ONE BODY & ONE SPIRIT....UNITY with CHRIST and HIS church bride!! LOVE IT !!

  • William Bray
    William Bray  a years ago +4

    I'm listening. We all go through seasons in growth and we are trusting you to hear from the Lord and obey. God bless you in this Sabbath time.

  • Jess Anaya
    Jess Anaya  a years ago +2

    This is what the Holy Spirit is speaking to us in Western PA

  • Brian Kumm
    Brian Kumm  a years ago +3

    Totally agree! The Lord has had me on a reset for the past five years. This year though, He has encouraged me to do a HARD reset.

  • Josee Foster
    Josee Foster  a years ago +2

    WOW! Way to go! Thanks for being obedient. Love you guys.

  • Gary Baxter
    Gary Baxter  a years ago +2

    This interview with Mike and Diane is probably the most encouraging word that I've received. So much said in less than 6 minutes. I continue to thank God for your faithfulness to build His kingdom. Thank you and thank you

  • Ashley Loveland
    Ashley Loveland  a years ago +1

    The way Diane said it was powerful!!!

  • Meron Tessema
    Meron Tessema  a years ago +6

    This is exactly what God is doing here in Ethiopia in our church and across the nation's churches in general.

  • Jason Nasr
    Jason Nasr  a years ago +3

    They didnt say anything about the last one thing