WORST Neighbours in Singapore

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 21, 2019
  • How not to be that weird neighbour everyone avoids: http://bit.ly/2XhRO41What kind of Neighbours do YOU have? let me know in the comments below!Follow us on instagram! https://www.instagram.com/bentanggg/https://www.instagram.com/hamzazaidi/https://www.instagram.com/goshisong/https://www.instagram.com/xindeyap/https://www.instagram.com/deekosh/


  • ultimate kpopfan  1 months ago

    I love the fact he laughs at his own jokes

  • Yash Singh  25 days ago

    Someone has to laugh

  • HJKX  27 days ago


  • hype peach  1 months ago

    USA: child abuseSingapore: good parentingI CONFIRM AGREE SIA

  • Juan Duck  26 days ago


  • extrachicken wang  26 days ago

    @No subs with no vids S USA is very general but white people don't even hit their kids

  • qistina amani  1 months ago

    dee kosh : touch your heart me : *expecting him to scream TOUCH YOUR HEART* dee kosh : continues talking me : what ???????

  • Hayang  a months ago

    qistina amani age catching up

  • YJ  1 months ago

    How come Deekosh can mimic all the drilling sounds so well? HAHAHHAHAHAHAA

  • l o s t !  17 days ago

    @MOONSUN is MARRIED haha

  • @l o s t ! mmm shhh

  • Army Chu  1 months ago

    Dee Kosh: you touch my bubble I kill youMe:Why is this so me

  • Zair Sulaiman  26 days ago


  • Raphael Ang  28 days ago

    @Ksneijppehr XXIII HAHA

  • Doquarius  1 months ago

    Dee : Hey Good Morning ! :)Mother : Eh Don't Talk To Ah pu neh neh later they kidnap you then you know BAHAHAHAHAH..edit : didnt expect so much likes

  • Doquarius  28 days ago

    @bryan ayyyy

  • bryan  29 days ago

    Doquarius dubu

  • Kyle Tyler  1 months ago

    I have a neighbor who drills at 1am in the goddamn morning.

  • Digital Elite  18 days ago

    Didn’t know ghost can renovate houses sial

  • Jaexchi  18 days ago

    Kyle Tyler same

  • your drilling impression is sooo perfect and PLEASE, more of these kind of videos...LMAO so hard, i can't breath

  • i havent laughed so hard in awhile,,, thank you deekosh

  • Leow Jun Han  29 days ago


  • daxxlingchichuu  a months ago

    i loVE YOUR NAME sO mUcH

  • Kruise  1 months ago

    "That's when you know your neighbours are gangsters"-Dee Kosh 2019