WORST Neighbours in Singapore

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 21, 2019
  • How not to be that weird neighbour everyone avoids: http://bit.ly/2XhRO41

    What kind of Neighbours do YOU have? let me know in the comments below!

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  • Nia Ain
    Nia Ain  17 hours ago

    “Dong-dong neighbours” are the Djins inside your house roaming on your ceiling.

  • Dion L
    Dion L  yesterday

    Deekosh never fails to produce quality content I LOST IT at the dinosaurs stomping 😂

  • cray crat
    cray crat  yesterday

    "Eh don't talk to abunene later they kidnap you then you know"

  • Critical Gamer
    Critical Gamer  3 days ago

    Im that child right there

  • Heart Guardian
    Heart Guardian  7 days ago

    The Pingu's parents scolding Pingu😂

  • Daniel Alexander Charles

    I have a similar problem my neighbour complain to HDB about our clothes rail then they send warning letter I mean they can tell us my family is very understanding why need go HDB complain seriously 😡😡 😡

  • Jobly Loo
    Jobly Loo  7 days ago

    Wat tats song?

  • Angelina Liew
    Angelina Liew  7 days ago

    I really cannot stand my neighbor drilling every wall of the apartment WHENEVER I TRY TO STUDY AT any time. I don’t know why when I start to sink into a very good study atmosphere and then it goes DRRRIIEEENNNKK RIIINKKKKK DREWEWNNKKKKKKKK

  • Fatima Martinez
    Fatima Martinez  14 days ago +1

    Yall have to agree that music is way better when connecting it to a radio than to hear it with earphones 😂😂 correct If I'm wrong !!!

  • Des Pacito
    Des Pacito  21 days ago

    that sesame street shirt be absolute goals :3

  • Swager Fauzi
    Swager Fauzi  21 days ago +2

    when he imitates the parent scolding and the child crying, it feels like im watching an episode from pingu

  • Brian Ong
    Brian Ong  21 days ago +2

    6:33 deekosh casually adding to the noise 😂

  • Zayn Loh
    Zayn Loh  21 days ago

    Um.....Is hitting considered child abuse??Cause my mother hits me with a cane and I have many marks on my arm and thigh.Like if u think I should report this to the police and comment what I should do if u think I should not report to the police.Thanks.

  • hey'lin
    hey'lin  21 days ago

    which part of hdb flat or which part of sg u live dee? HAHAHHA kecoh siaa

  • Isaac Eow
    Isaac Eow  21 days ago

    I almost died laughing

  • earth citizen
    earth citizen  21 days ago

    Hi Dee Kosh,(past years story but people are nurturing a vicious grudge) Do you have any advise on bully neighbor who managed to 'gang-up' with other units to use the public corridor as if it's their bungalow landed property?(obstructing, wetting and dirtying the walkway for people to use), thereafter behave like violent hooligan and tell you they are doing the right thing??? Surprisingly, there are willing player who join in to seek thrill fun. This is a real happening and not some fables telling time.There are those whom you gave way, instead of repellant and being appreciative  they move in more and more and treat you like idiot. In fact between human interaction it's really very simple :"Don't do and do and do and do what you don't like people to do to you."  I have always feel if there's a gangster like beng who feel he is above the law and show his violent talent, he should be taught the correct and kind way  to live respectfully.

  • soupisdelicous
    soupisdelicous  21 days ago

    i really got one neighbour i don’t know if it’s child abuse or what. but i don’t want call authorities coz the kid’s a pos

  • Annette Chew
    Annette Chew  21 days ago +1

    no one:

    literally no one:

    dee kosh: dong dong dong dong

  • Suga Yoongles
    Suga Yoongles  28 days ago

    You sound like a lawnmower than a drill😂😂

  • Suga Yoongles
    Suga Yoongles  28 days ago

    You make me laugh 🤣😂