Andy Makes the Crispiest Saffron Rice Cake | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 6, 2018
  • Andy shows us how to make a delicious, crunchy Iranian rice dish.

    Check out the recipe here:

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    Andy Makes the Crispiest Saffron Rice Cake | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit


  • niki kbn
    niki kbn  yesterday

    How can u be so handsome and good at cooking? Do explainnnnn

  • niki kbn
    niki kbn  yesterday

    من عاشقت شدم، حالا چیکار کنم؟😄😄😄

  • Cotes du Rhone
    Cotes du Rhone  2 days ago

    Is this a dessert or meal?

  • sahar shahbazi
    sahar shahbazi  7 days ago

    I love tachin 😍

  • Shahrzad Bgh
    Shahrzad Bgh  7 days ago

    Andy thanks for presenting persian food😘
    Just one thing if you add cubes of ice to saffron, u will get better color out of it🙃

  • Ruth Salinas
    Ruth Salinas  7 days ago

    OMG Andy oiling that dish with his bare hand 🔥🙈

  • Sophia Hepbourne
    Sophia Hepbourne  7 days ago

    You will kill people with that much salt, Andy!

  • H Baloch
    H Baloch  14 days ago

    No never

  • Hud .Hud
    Hud .Hud  14 days ago

    You can eat that with som plain chicken it would taste so good

  • Beth Tannenbaum
    Beth Tannenbaum  21 days ago

    Freakin looks delicious. I gotta make this - and will splurge on the saffron 👍

  • Araz Samadi
    Araz Samadi  1 months ago

    Where's the freaking chicken? No tahchin is tahchin without chicken

  • Wanda Soler
    Wanda Soler  1 months ago

    I love rice and I think I would love this one. Maybe I’ll try it.

  • iMat
    iMat  1 months ago

    i love him dude😰

  • masoomeh tanghatari
    masoomeh tanghatari  1 months ago

    You cant make perfect "TACHIN" if you dont ask a persian and if you dont have nice smell of persian rice and persian saffron.If you have Iranian saffron, you dont need to use this huge amount of it! And you dont have right reciepe too!So your saffron rice wont be the best. I promise!

  • Ali Reza
    Ali Reza  1 months ago

    this isn't look anything like the Tahchin my mom makes.

  • Farkhondeh Ghanbari
    Farkhondeh Ghanbari  1 months ago +2

    Hi Andy. So proud of you for pure persian cooking skill.

  • Marc Paradis
    Marc Paradis  1 months ago

    Andy who?

  • Daniel Olivier-Argyle

    Does Andy have a book with rice recipes? I'd be all over that

  • Bryan Jensen
    Bryan Jensen  1 months ago

    OMG that was a ton of saffron!

  • Carmen Romero
    Carmen Romero  1 months ago

    I love him