Travis Scott - ASTROTHUNDER (Official Audio)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • ASTROWORLD available at Travis Scott online: (C) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment#TravisScott #ASTROTHUNDER #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialAudio


  • Flaare
    Flaare  6 months ago +1424

    “Seems like the life I need’s a little distant” I felt that.

  • Mario Retah
    Mario Retah  6 months ago +910

    I think this is what space sounds like

  • Astro Boy
    Astro Boy  10 months ago +3075

    This is easily one of his best songs ever man, I really don't understand how it's slept on so hard by so many people who brush it off as a cool little interlude. Every time I listen to it I feel like I'm floating up in the stars and get overwhelmed with nostalgia for a future that hasn't happened yet.

  • KWTS
    KWTS  10 months ago +1361

    This is like the impossible of this album

  • Okabe Lintahlo
    Okabe Lintahlo  10 months ago +1022

    First 25 seconds are insane, nothing beats that instrumental.

  • Jordan C
    Jordan C  10 months ago +1795

    At first I liked Stop Trying to be God
    Then Carousel
    Then Stargazing's hook is amazing
    Then Yosemite is so chill
    And now Astrorhunder.
    What a great album!

  • stale memes
    stale memes  4 months ago +135

    I be randomly thinking about this song

  • Ramon Taveras
    Ramon Taveras  9 months ago +648

    I wish his track was longer but this a perfect loner cruising song specifically at night

  • Xcentrico HHC
    Xcentrico HHC  10 months ago +1710

    This is actually depressing if you’re sad enough.

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez  8 months ago +383

    Personally the beat is immensely psychedelic. Idk why tho

  • Diamond Donn
    Diamond Donn  7 months ago +608

    This song is so deep to me.The lyrics are exactly how I feel in my life. And the beat makes me feel something I can't even explain.

  • Phemelo Juta
    Phemelo Juta  8 months ago +146

    I listeneed to this song while I was High,damn this is real power.

  • Mercenary 1914
    Mercenary 1914  7 months ago +582

    My local starbucks was playing this yesterday at 11 AM.

  • Chris _Slang
    Chris _Slang  a years ago +2112

    imagine drivin in yo car at night and vibin to this song on the aux🔥

  • The Diecast Fanatic
    The Diecast Fanatic  10 months ago +114

    i feel like this track could become a GTA 6 track, idk why but it has that vibe to it

  • plut o
    plut o  3 months ago +70

    How does an album be so overrated yet so underrated

  • Ebuka Uligwe
    Ebuka Uligwe  9 months ago +277

    If drake wasnt on sicko mode everybody would be on this track🎆🎆🎆

  • G G
    G G  7 months ago +164

    Infiltrate the enemy move in on them randomly 😈

  • Jessol
    Jessol  8 months ago +146

    slow it down to 0.75 and this song is the feeling of falling asleep on a long car ride passing by a distant city, the feeling of waking up so early on a winter morning that its still dark and falling right back into sweet slumber, the feeling of going on midnight bus rides alone to absolutely nowhere and watching lights and street signs flash by, the feeling of being so tired your eyes wont stay open and every sound blends together into a perfect harmony as you fall asleep, the feeling of faint deja vu listening to old 80's music, the feeling of that melancholic nostalgia when you visit an old place.
    I'd like to imagine this song to be the feeling an astronaut feels, looking back at the earth from far away, looking back at the place youve been your whole life, where all your friends and memories are, where all your greatest achievements took place, where your tiny life started and where it will inevitably end, the feeling of true peace, knowing that everything youve ever known is so miniscule to the scale of everything, truly being alone with your thoughts, processing the utterly unbelievable one of a kind, oddly lonely but soothing feeling. This song is truly an amazing feeling.
    Original- home resonance
    via - SØuI

  • Chief Beef
    Chief Beef  8 months ago +55

    Travis in the Harvard interview said this is his favorite song off of Astroworld