Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • Jimmy gives Daniel Radcliffe a chance to react to some popular Harry Potter memes, and The Lifespan of a Fact star reveals how he's going to manage Fantasy football leagues while doing Sunday performances on Broadway.

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    Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes



  • Kelsey Ellison  (Nov 2, 2018))

    Hey, so um...I'm actually the Dancing Hermione girl (no joke!!!) this is incredible I can't get over this! Thank you so much for showing my video to Daniel!

  • Nate Que  (12 hours ago))


  • Camilla Knighton Fitt  (20 hours ago))

    +1K subs with no video challenge it is her... I hate haters so...

  • Lauren Arwine  (Dec 21, 2018))

    Hagrid: You're a wizard HarryHarry: You're a hairy wizardMe: **questions everything I know about the world**

  • Goran Aleksic  (4 hours ago))


  • Tiny Robot  (1 day ago))

    Hagrid - You're a unit of power harryHarry - I am a watt

  • Fart Attax  (Dec 3, 2018))

    The memes were shit. Daniel was probably dying inside

  • Purebrain 48747 you cant exactly talk ur pfp is doge

  • aly kate edits  (1 day ago))

    Demic oH mY lOrD i was correcting someone because i have anxiety when something is spelt wrong. you can leave now thanks!

  • Riley Menezes  (Dec 24, 2018))

    Daniel Radcliff looks sooooo uncomfortable looking at these outdated memes

  • Laura Corales  (Feb 11, 2019))

    Halya 2817 that would be weird

  • labellav1103  (Feb 8, 2019))

    He doesnt even know they exist. He said he doesnt do social media.

  • Froukje Melenhorst  (Dec 4, 2018))

    Honestly, the jokes in this comment section are better than the ones in the video

  • Rue the Lord  (6 days ago))


  • gabriel anthony  (Feb 12, 2019))

    +Gabriel Guerrero why tf does everybody have that profile pic?

  • Black Girl Magic  (Sep 14, 2018))

    Considering he has one of the most recognizable faces not just in Hollywood, but the world, he has always been so humble. I try to support every movie he’s in if I can, because he’s an amazing actor. Gave me so many great memories as a child. I can’t even read the Harry Potter books without picturing him in the back of my mind.

  • monstersinthecity  (3 days ago))

    I hate Harry Potter but dan Radcliffe is the shit. Horns was a great film

  • Sæssy  (Feb 13, 2019))

    You commented this on another video.

  • Mr. Bublee  (Dec 25, 2018))

    What is Harry Potters favourite way to go down a slope?Walking...J.K ROLLING

  • Colatore123 :v  (1 hour ago))

    Wow Thats dry...

  • Anything Videos  (15 hours ago))

    LMAO 😂

  • Ashraf Daoud  (Dec 17, 2018))

    Why does Daniel Radcliffe still sound like a teenager?

  • Kevin Luna  (12 hours ago))

    Anti-Aging potion!

  • Ankl Brekr  (21 hours ago))

    he looks like a teen too

  • カタカナくん  (Dec 27, 2018))

    The cringe.... I hope Daniel got paid well for this.

  • 360 degrees  (Feb 12, 2019))

    They are not paid. They come to these shows and promote their stuff for free. They get free promotion and shows get free content. Win win for both.

  • カタカナくん me to

  • ArcticFoxGirl Arctic  (Dec 12, 2018))

    The title should be: “Daniel Radcliffe reacts to harry potter meams for 5 seconds”

  • KEP297  (Feb 16, 2019))