The career of Ichiro Suzuki

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 3, 2018
  • Seattle icon Ichiro Suzuki embarks on the next phase of his baseball life in the Mariners' front office, turning the page on an 18-year career that's spanned 10 All-Star appearances, 10 Gold Gloves, one batting title, as well as AL MVP and Rookie of the Year honors in 2001

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  • 이산
    이산  6 days ago

    만화 같은 선수

  • Josh Done
    Josh Done  7 days ago

    You know you're a badass when you only have to have your first name on the back of your uniform.

  • TEN KO
    TEN KO  14 days ago


  • X'Orαიge River
    X'Orαიge River  14 days ago

    He's looks like neymar jr btw.
    Hope BB spread all the world as huge sport like soccer in every nation.

  • Ghost
    Ghost  1 months ago

    Ichrio baseball and then Yao Ming basketball wow amazing

  • Ramiroco
    Ramiroco  1 months ago

    Never won a World Series?

  • SKR_ raptor
    SKR_ raptor  1 months ago +1

    And that’s why Ichiro is mi favorite player

  • Several eggs
    Several eggs  1 months ago

    6:30 how is someone still booing him at this moment??

  • Cabanas Christian
    Cabanas Christian  1 months ago

    Who’s here after they got 99 ichiri

  • Francesco Arellano
    Francesco Arellano  2 months ago

    Amazing player...First round, easy!!! I am a Roberto guy, but this dude was fantastic. Best wishes to you Ichiro San!!!

  • Hayden Morse
    Hayden Morse  2 months ago

    Sorry Ichiro, but you throw straight BP😂❤️

  • Austin Luszcz
    Austin Luszcz  2 months ago

    Dude started at age 27 and ended up with 3000+ hits. Unbelievable.

  • Chong Dintelmann
    Chong Dintelmann  2 months ago

    No the throw or his bunting homer?

  • K. Curry
    K. Curry  2 months ago

    I was pissed when the Mariners traded him lol

  • 林鼎鈞
    林鼎鈞  2 months ago

    Watching old-man Ichiro stealing HR from young players is the most enjoyable thing ever

  • Neroamee Alucard The Madman

    Press F in respect for Ichiro-San

  • Xaekid
    Xaekid  3 months ago

    Phenom, legend, icon.

  • MollennialASMR
    MollennialASMR  3 months ago

    Only 3 mins in and crying like a fan baby. Cuz I am one. Grew up watching the magnificent Ichiro who gave all us fans PRIDE.

  • ThatOneDev
    ThatOneDev  4 months ago

    The greatest, no cap. HOF bound.

  • Sharkonabicycle
    Sharkonabicycle  4 months ago

    Best home run hitter of all time. Pretty excessive with strikeouts, but it was worth it when the Ms took the 2009 World Series. Mad props Ichiro.