Democrats Take on Corporate Profits and CEO Pay: A Closer Look

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 17, 2019
  • Seth takes a closer look at soaring corporate profits and CEO pay despite President Trump’s promise to be a champion of the working class.
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    Democrats Take on Corporate Profits and CEO Pay: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Douglas Hanson
    Douglas Hanson  13 hours ago

    "I've had such an incredible experience with the minors... 8 of 9 were crying..."
    He's talking about the underage girls in the miss America pageant that he owns, that he's been known to sexually harass and literally just walk in on them [un]dressing.
    (Hopefully Seth catches this and makes the joke, I haven't watched past this yet.)

  • Adara Harkness
    Adara Harkness  yesterday

    I believe ppl cry when they c Trump but I think he miss understands y they're crying

  • ExKHAN
    ExKHAN  2 days ago +1

    I hate Seth Meyers. I hate that youtube keeps putting him in my feed. He's not funny. It's garbage.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump  4 days ago

    Yeah right there's 1,400 thumbs down. Your telling me there's 1,400 people who don't mind paying taxes while big corporations don't. Whatever!

  • Terri Seaton
    Terri Seaton  5 days ago +1

    Delusional and grandiose, and I don’t mean Seth.

  • Built2Fast
    Built2Fast  5 days ago

    Not paying taxes - This is how Trump is making America Great Again. Good job electing this jabroni and licking his sack

  • sam gate
    sam gate  6 days ago

    OMG - the reply from the guy how runs a bank - o that is just a starters job - then goes on - she may have his job one day...... So is he going to give the wage that he gets, just in case. Then he goes on and says “i have to think about it.” O M F G - those just show how far out of touch these so Greedy rich people are.

  • A Rios
    A Rios  7 days ago

    We say we hate corporate welfare but we keep voting for the same rich guys running in the same rich circles giving each other tax breaks and blaming upper middle class small business owners, doctors, professors, techies, and mid level landlords for problems caused by us and our shitty choices at the polls. We keep voting for guys who lower taxes for billionaires and raise them for the middle class. Look at trumps tax plan. Who got temporary cuts? Who got permanent cuts?

  • m3 talent agency
    m3 talent agency  7 days ago

    Well, I also cry when I watch the Orange Clown's daily stupidities & lies.

  • Liza Tanzawa
    Liza Tanzawa  7 days ago

    Hey, Trump makes ME cry

  • Rodrik18
    Rodrik18  7 days ago

    Market almost at an all-time high, eh? What's the all-time high? Was it coincidentally also during the 20's?

  • ricaard
    ricaard  7 days ago

    Members of Congress are counting sheep alright, the people who voted them and the president in!!

  • themetal
    themetal  7 days ago

    WTF is it about people crying in his presence? Narcissistic Personality Disorder really does make for one fucked up demented orange faced little fucktard.

  • Joseph Willis
    Joseph Willis  14 days ago

    Trump does NOTHING directly for the Stock Market - what utter bull excrement - it is only indirectly from his continual support of the top 1% that the market moves - AND HE DOES IT FOR HIS OWN BENEFIT ! (isn't that illegal too) Impeach the bast___ !

  • Refute Clip
    Refute Clip  14 days ago

    You are a fucking idiot, really.

  • nicholas cisternino

    trump supporters are so simple minded that this probably doesn't even bother them that a corp. that made eleven BILLION IN PROFIT paid ZERO TAXES, while a teacher paid an average of thirty six percent in federal taxes... that's nauseating... this is what us intelligent/educated folk, or aka: non-republican refer to as VOTING AGAINST YOUR OWN DAMN INTEREST YOU STUPID FOOLS.

  • David MacLeod
    David MacLeod  14 days ago +2

    And it’s “down their cheeks” NOT “down their eyes”. Trump does not know “the best words”... Jesus!

  • Michael Laverty
    Michael Laverty  14 days ago

    Well let's look at it these Big strong tough guys who were in tear's were no doubt in total Awe & shock of Trump's greatness his extra Manliness his "Stance" they took one look at his massive hands and knew they were in the company of a Man who could supply the female population with enough history making complex DNA to support life on Pluto . Those men were in tear's because they were in the company of a God like Stable Genius who has great word's who know's more about Windmill's than anybody who knows more about technology that anyone who knows more about what it takes to defeat IS IS than all the generals in the armed forces fugetaboutit ...

  • The Russ Man
    The Russ Man  14 days ago

    "The reason why these companies get away with this is BECAUSE WE LET THEM"!!!!!!
    -Seth Meyers

  • J R
    J R  14 days ago

    Proud of my Senator