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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • I've been curious about Copart, thanks to all those Samcrac videos. Here is my first visit to Copart, where I share some vehicles I've seen, as well as what I've learned.Copart Dallas 9/15: #dallas


  • Clutchfans H-town
    Clutchfans H-town  a years ago +76

    it seems like everyone now days go to auctions and pretend to know about cars LOL.

  • Kras 4
    Kras 4  a years ago +40

    I purchased a salvaged Audi S4 about a year ago. Mostly damage to the quarter panel ... repaired, re painted along with new tires. Hadn't had one issue since.

  • Kendal Sherlock
    Kendal Sherlock  11 months ago +23

    Ignore the rude remarks young sir, tk you for giving us the public some eye candy to look at . God bless

  • P J
    P J  a years ago +21

    Rotors do rust after one day when exposed to moisture.....

  • Car_enthuzust_for_life on ig

    The tape is for the door not staying closed

  • Abg Longkai KL
    Abg Longkai KL  1 months ago

    you should buy your dreams car and bring your vehicle to goonzquad. And you will happy with their final touch.

  • Jon
    Jon  6 months ago

    Dude you and that lambo look good together but I couldn't imagine the work it'd take to fix it

  • chris savala
    chris savala  7 months ago

    People , don't come to Dallas for this . I'am pretty sure there is a Junkyard in your city.

  • Everything
    Everything  5 months ago

    Thanks bro...

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924  6 months ago

    That's all guys, fully functional cars abandoned for a couple or more hundreds bucks, while storms of bidders critic around the high price of energy at cars missing the final transmission and/or the engine but looking as brand 🆕️... 😱💬🅾️🆖️㊙️

  • Doses Of Cars
    Doses Of Cars  a years ago +3

    Been buying cars from copart for more than 6 years I got to say one thing, please tell us if the engine is damage instead of covering the damage with the hood or bumper

  • J_Ruiz 10
    J_Ruiz 10  8 months ago +2

    Stradman would be dissapointed, the front lift was up.

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez  3 months ago +1

    Stay away from copart in Dallas they wont tell you what is wrong with vehicles I bought a 2011 traverse with clean title they did not described it had mechanical problems i end up having to put a new engine in the vehicle now I lost 7 thousand dlls on top of what I paid for vehicle at copart definitely a big loss because of the dishonesty from copart very dishonest company dishonesty is their name

  • Barry Soetoro
    Barry Soetoro  6 months ago +1

    $1,000 fees

  • Aris Echevarria
    Aris Echevarria  4 months ago +1

    What a piece of junk! Everything!

  • Anas Azzam
    Anas Azzam  10 months ago +1

    “”Good WORK...SIDELINE the HATER COMMENTS...FOCUS & Make your dreams into Reality....$$$...!!!👍🏻

  • Hold This L. Debarge
    Hold This L. Debarge  6 months ago +1

    Viper key looks same as my Dodge Journey key?wow lmao

  • Alan Zolotoff
    Alan Zolotoff  11 months ago

    Your vest is Lime Green not yellow !

  • Christopher Schramko

    Thank you for the chinook shoutout

  • mr inspector
    mr inspector  7 months ago