Sagittarius!! Someone new?? Don’t wait too long!! May 2019

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 29, 2019
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  • Lisa Messina
    Lisa Messina  3 months ago +61

    Shovels because the BS we’re dealing with is so deep...😑
    That was no accident, my friend, lol.

  • Chardae Slater
    Chardae Slater  3 months ago +22

    Reader: “Sagi Let see who you’re dealing with..”
    Me: “Myself” 😭

  • Cassie Levron
    Cassie Levron  3 months ago +48

    Lol 😂 6 of shovels... 💡make a Graveyard tarot deck

  • Liz Foley
    Liz Foley  3 months ago +55

    If I spend any more time alone I will turn into a hermit. Been months of being alone. Like 8 months.

  • The Self-Worth Habit
    The Self-Worth Habit  3 months ago +9

    No man we don't all just run away from situations.saggies are actually very loyal and fight for what we want and what we believe in, we just commit to things when we are sure . But when we commit, we really commit. Well, I do at least.

  • Sunny T13
    Sunny T13  3 months ago +28

    LMAO!!! 6 of shovels... I have no idea who any NEW person could be coming towards me?!? No one is even on my radar??? Can I borrow a shovel so I can start working on digging My own HOLE to fall into?? Peace & Love Always!!✨🦋✨🧚‍♂️✨☮️✨❣️✨

  • Amber Anderson
    Amber Anderson  3 months ago +16

    People don’t stay together anymore. Because, there’s always someone new. Sad

  • Nadia
    Nadia  3 months ago +12

    Slow decision means it a huge NO. Lol

  • Julie Lucero
    Julie Lucero  3 months ago +19

    That’s why we watch tarot, to be prepared not to wait too long.

  • Liz Foley
    Liz Foley  3 months ago +13

    Next!!! Aint wasting no more time on that old guy. Out with the old.... Time to go. May has to be better.

  • Rhonda Clark
    Rhonda Clark  3 months ago +19

    I did meet someone very attractive. But once he shared he lived with several women an each lasted two years an he kicked them out, i dont want anything to do with a man that disposes of women like that. Wow!! What an experience to here a man say these things!! Your rite again!!

  • Poo GK
    Poo GK  3 months ago +10

    That backdrop behind you needs to be turned 90 degrees clockwise, for the Sanskrit 'Om' to appear upright.

  • Stauri Lanfield
    Stauri Lanfield  3 months ago +14

    Haha there was one too many people in the relationship, so I helped him out. Boy Bye...

  • Gazzman
    Gazzman  3 months ago +7

    ROFLMAO, six of shovels, that's effing hilarious!!!!😂🤣😂🤣

  • Joseph Brown III
    Joseph Brown III  3 months ago +3

    The past took TOO LONG to wake up and see me. Ready for fresh & new!

  • lexi jenny
    lexi jenny  3 months ago +3

    I know and feel my husband is coming near me soon but I’m just so focused on building myself and getting myself ready for myself first then I can worry about someone new

  • Yanina Cabrera
    Yanina Cabrera  3 months ago +2

    Cross watching! I am the Aquarius that will walk away if he doesn’t show me he wants a commitment. I have been very patient 🥰 Our attraction is insane!

  • Nadine Zaegelein
    Nadine Zaegelein  3 months ago +7

    It’s true... already I took off😂🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

  • Bryan Sturgeon
    Bryan Sturgeon  3 months ago +4

    Sorry dude no real insight just waffling and chewing the chewed about as vague as vague can be..personally dude i only hope you increase your own personal insight and compassion 🧐😲🤔

  • Elīza Briede
    Elīza Briede  3 months ago +4

    Those 6 of shovels def came out right cuz I'm feeling like someone is trying to bury me alive :D
    All this stress about moving, finding a new job and NOT ending things on a bad note is getting to me.