Sagittarius!! Someone new?? Don’t wait too long!! May 2019

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 29, 2019
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  • Bernadette Johnson
    Bernadette Johnson  6 months ago

    I would like to take them six of shovels and beat seven sorts of shit out of my ex, thanks for the reading, waiting and hoping, damn you FINE.

  • A Med
    A Med  6 months ago

    Saggi waggi

  • Carmen Wiggins
    Carmen Wiggins  6 months ago +1

    Heres to 100,000 likes on saggie waggie

  • Holly Renee
    Holly Renee  7 months ago

    So handsome 😩💕

  • Lyndsay McFadzean
    Lyndsay McFadzean  7 months ago

    Hey Sag ladies! Shovels? Yes please! I could go 'Psycho' at this very moment lol

  • Monica Najar
    Monica Najar  7 months ago

    Great voice

  • Softfire
    Softfire  7 months ago

    They can hold a grudge and their breath ...

  • MD Camp
    MD Camp  7 months ago

    They are waiting too long. A year is long enough. I’m moving on with my life.

  • Danielle Nepomuceno
    Danielle Nepomuceno  7 months ago

    Most refreshing video I’ve seen of a reading!! Excited to see what else you have to share! 😊

  • Canan C.L.G.P
    Canan C.L.G.P  7 months ago +2


  • T Brenneman
    T Brenneman  7 months ago +1

    You should do voice work. You have a great level to it. Check out acx audiobook ... or get an agent (first have a recording sample to offer). It’s unique, too, because you have an accent.

  • Stay Woke
    Stay Woke  7 months ago

    The new person is me his daughter because i struggled in my past and ready to figure my dad out

  • Joseph Brown III
    Joseph Brown III  7 months ago +3

    The past took TOO LONG to wake up and see me. Ready for fresh & new!

  • Wendy Norris
    Wendy Norris  7 months ago

    My god anyone noticed how fit this reader is .👌👌👌
    Given up on love it's b.s 👍

  • Catherine Slattery
    Catherine Slattery  7 months ago

    Love your funny humor lol

  • Lee
    Lee  7 months ago

    janeswurld We’re the whole wait lol. That’s what’s unfortunate lol He doesn’t know what he potentially has with me. Having a Sag care is literally a blessing. And it’s not I’m playing games, I have other suitors. I have to be cautious of any decisions I make. Saturn was such a bitch to me lol I’ve learned to many lessons to go backwards for a man!

  • Sub Zero x
    Sub Zero x  7 months ago

    Been avin readings just the same, least ur blunt enough to put it as it is. Thank you. Till next time blessings & merry part...)0(

  • Tiffany Thames
    Tiffany Thames  7 months ago

    This is so accurate!

    SHRUTI TIWARI  7 months ago

    You're so damn true. Thankyou for this. Love from India 👍😘

  • Love Dove
    Love Dove  7 months ago +1

    You are so funny you always make my day happy but you know what it is true I needed to talk off this Capricorn is a piece of s*** and I'm scared he needs to know what he's doing he cannot be with me and be with a Pisces and be with the X wife what the hell is going on I was the one I find out everything from the beginning slowly like an investigator he thought he was going to play with the Sagittarius no way I have my eyes very open in my heart very guard and I want to see one more time I might I might give it a chance but if I told him yesterday if you do this again I make sure you disappear out of my life and you never see the color of my eyes again I guess you went home he has to think over he's scared he has to watch the rent flags like you said thank you for your reading I love you peace. 😚