ECB Gives Regulatory Clarity XRP??? 28 Countries Ripple Could Tap Into!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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  • Rutter
    Rutter  5 months ago

    XRP to at least $7 soon. Follow the trail.

  • Kev
    Kev  5 months ago

    ECB+SBI+EU/Japan EPA=moon
    Japan and the EU recently signed the biggest free trade agreement in the world. When EU and Japan corridor opens ripple tech will see this corridor facilitate the most efficient movement of value in history in the biggest free trade block in history and we will reap what we have sewn.
    (Insert smug smiley here)

  • J T
    J T  5 months ago

    28 EU countries.....27 when UK leaves.

  • Tyler VanAllen
    Tyler VanAllen  5 months ago

    Love the outside

  • Stephen Mullins
    Stephen Mullins  5 months ago

    What’s Peters prediction?

  • NaturalMed
    NaturalMed  5 months ago

    I'm big on XRP but Brad's tweet was misleading. The things he said about XRP was in fact about the top 5 cryptos as a WHOLE not XRP alone. Read the article.

  • rok fab
    rok fab  5 months ago

    pero como siempre xrp no hara nada, mas bien bajara de precio!!!!!!

  • XRP Beats
    XRP Beats  5 months ago

    Both my Dad and I are also long time investors of XRP like you and your Dad. We follow your content.

  • Crypto Mind xrp analyse
    Crypto Mind xrp analyse  5 months ago +2

    I dont understand why XRP is not begining to Rise .. If its coupled to bitcoin and are dependent of btc IT Will never Rise on its own . But If it is not dependent of btc It should been rise allready !!

    And allso dont Know If It is in Brads intrest that It Will moon . . I mean he Alien have several billion token so If It only goes to 5$ It is okej for him .. He Will and are allready billioner + .

    And allso why should Banks and rest of the world gain him and Chris Larsen so much that they pump the token to moon so this guys Will be most powerfull people on earth .. I cant se that this is in Banks intrest ??

    Allso this youtubers that hype upp the token , What are there agenda ?
    Are they just Nice / kind people that want you to become rich ?? I dont think so .. They Will pump the token and most of all they want you to klick on the video and subscribe .. So they Get reward fr.o.m. Google/ youtube .
    Of Course some of them really Belive , but that is just a second part , the prime for those youtubers is to get klick .

  • Christian Matta
    Christian Matta  5 months ago

    What do you think of the ledger nano x?

  • William Leather
    William Leather  5 months ago

    this news should take XRP to $ 6.00 +++ real soon . . .

  • Dragonheart NA
    Dragonheart NA  5 months ago +2

    I hope this blows soon. Moved more into xrp yesterday. Don't have a lot but have what I can afford.

  • Baehr XRP
    Baehr XRP  5 months ago

    Love the outside videos and streams

  • Long Beach crypto 323

    Man , am in two month , my gas and lunch money to attain 500 xrp , hopefully pays off

  • Steven M
    Steven M  5 months ago +4

    Your amazing , DAI loves you, enough said. How come your so smart at 19? Your Family must be so proud. 😀🤗😇❤️

  • A. Nolte
    A. Nolte  5 months ago

  • Tony Gradisa
    Tony Gradisa  5 months ago +1

    I smell a massive bull run.

  • Agent Orren
    Agent Orren  5 months ago

    You look like rodney Mullen

  • Robert Bizzarro
    Robert Bizzarro  5 months ago

    Did you read the Disclaimer? Is says, " This paper should not be reported as representing the views of the European Central Bank".....

  • Sun
    Sun  5 months ago

    nice video :)