Corn on the Cob - You Suck at Cooking (episode 45)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 16, 2016
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  • SunnyX
    SunnyX  10 months ago +2348

    this need to be on cornhub

  • Tetrini
    Tetrini  11 months ago +907

    "Most people think that you just fill a pot with water bring it to a boil toss in the corn add some salt wait a minute then you're done, they're right."

  • aNoYinG vOicE
    aNoYinG vOicE  10 months ago +1061

    Mom: walks in
    Me: switches to porn

  • 暗月貓Dark Moon Cat
    暗月貓Dark Moon Cat  a years ago +2031

    Butter : oh yeah daddy

  • Marton Bagoly
    Marton Bagoly  2 years ago +4586

    Of course my mom walks in at the exact moment her son is watching a corn-cob plow a stick of butter with a hole in it.

  • vkook is my dad deal with it

    Do i have to have a license to hunt corn?

  • Eta 320
    Eta 320  4 months ago +95

    You missed the perfect opportunity to call this episode "You Shuck at Cooking"

  • Jeff Parker
    Jeff Parker  a years ago +234

    "'Cuz she wants to be a fighter jet, on a mission of reconnaissance.
    Mach5, gathering intelligence."
    Dam those lyrics are sick. Jokes aside the song is a parody and i love it just as it is. But tweak the subject matter and it would be consumed by millions 'scuze the pun.

  • ButterCatG
    ButterCatG  a years ago +126

    I rub my cat in butter and send it off to battle

  • MisterFoo
    MisterFoo  a years ago +94

    YSAC and co on the boat:
    "Dude, why are you filming a piece of corn?"
    "It's not corn, it's a fighter jet."
    "Okay but..."

  • Justin Joy
    Justin Joy  a years ago +217

    2:07 That's kinky.

  • JK Kay Kay
    JK Kay Kay  11 months ago +112

    2:06 That reminds me of last night.
    I was eating corn coated in butter

  • Adrian Kiel
    Adrian Kiel  2 months ago +24

    "Corn on the knob"
    *Laughs in British*

  • Jordyn Burk
    Jordyn Burk  a years ago +108

    2:54 slob on my knob corn on the cob hehe

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston  a years ago +95

    Wow you got that sponsor in there pretty smoothly....
    But not as smooth as my face after using Harry’s!

  • Aj Aviation
    Aj Aviation  2 days ago +1

    Get your mind out of the butter boys we’re guttering corn
    See what I did there

  • Nobody CareS
    Nobody CareS  10 months ago +24

    2:04 that sounds and looks wrong XD

  • jessebosch1997
    jessebosch1997  2 years ago +3028

    you put so much effort in these videos. and I love you for that!

  • Belvarion
    Belvarion  11 months ago +42

    1) This is hilarious
    2) Very smooth into the advertisement, like wow I’m thinking about it.

  • End of European Civilization is near

    Can you make full corn jet song?