8 arrested in murder case after man collapses at Orchard Towers

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 2, 2019
  • Six men and two women in their twenties were arrested in connection with a murder at Orchard Towers. CCTV footage from the building showed a man walking before collapsing to the ground. The police said they received a call for assistance at around 6.30 on the morning of July 2. On arrival, they found the 31-year-old lying motionless. He was sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital and pronounced dead an hour later.

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    KOOCHIE  a months ago

    If you watch the whole video from the start the guy that got murdered started the fight

  • nobody kid
    nobody kid  a months ago

    naughty girl natalie done it
    .... a pokemon theory

  • flexi arts
    flexi arts  a months ago

    can i just treat them to an outing at universal studios, (halloween nights) before they all die, also a treat to whatever fancy restaurant they like to have their last meals, in universal studios, and pop- corn and cotton candy.

  • sneakdakeeks
    sneakdakeeks  2 months ago

    Rest assured, none will be hanged. They'll serve short sentences due to "inconclusive evidence." Released with jobs waiting for them and be "exemplary citizens, model ex inmates" and oh yeah, most definitely successful business owners.

  • finishtherest
    finishtherest  2 months ago

    Ongoing ? Wasn't that a clear cold blooded murder?🤦‍♂️

  • Rani Anna
    Rani Anna  2 months ago

    If u want to die it's better to kill ur self ( suicide) don't kill other people . Don't make Singapore unsafety country .

    AND SPRITE  3 months ago

    What was the weapon?

  • Alex Ong
    Alex Ong  3 months ago

    These people should be hanged!!! Pure hooligans. There is no place for violence!

  • twijayamail
    twijayamail  3 months ago +2

    A married guy with 2 kids hanging out at nightclubs till morning and 7 guys wanted to murder him. what do you think?** censorship **

  • Lucas Neko
    Lucas Neko  3 months ago +2

    I want to see justice for that poor man.

  • jinnie lamp
    jinnie lamp  3 months ago +5

    If they don't get hanged I don't know what justice is anymore.

  • Rahmat A
    Rahmat A  3 months ago +2

    The victim deserves it

  • Desmond Low
    Desmond Low  3 months ago

    Thank god I didn't grow up to become like that... Im living my 20s peacefully 🙏

  • Muhamad Nordin Hassan
    Muhamad Nordin Hassan  3 months ago +3

    Good for them ..hang for them 👍👍👏👏👏👏

  • Mohamad Jas
    Mohamad Jas  3 months ago

    This mother f**kers gengsters in this video should be hang to death. Non use singaporeans like this people in this video should get serious punishment for takings other peoples life.. This orchard tower should be close down. Stop all this red light in orchard tower.. And hope 1 day theres a group or a team that can WASH all this MOTHER F**KERS gengster ah beng ah lien mak rep mina rep in singapore. Singapore should NOT have this kind of people.. Dont show people that you are HERO can slash, can stab, can do what ever u want... OPEN YOUR EYES BIG2 AND SEE, THIS IS SINGAPORE AND SINGAPORE HAVE LAW!! NOT HAPPY WHAT I SAY!!?? Now all are crying like idiot. No use lah.. u idiots did it already.. think b4 u do lah stupid.. 7 idiots born to be stupid or what..

  • Nyan Editz
    Nyan Editz  3 months ago +1


    muderers are useless,time to fire them boys


    I’m so scared, this happened at Orchard Road in Singapore... which is near to my place...

  • Blendxr
    Blendxr  3 months ago +2

    maybe they are raised badly

  • Daily life's
    Daily life's  3 months ago +1

    singaporeans ppl acting like demon nowadays because of money n stressful n so many foreign talents now 5.6millon already headache next 10million how you all feel. + everything increase pay till the same old songs

  • Daily life's
    Daily life's  3 months ago +2

    make sure any race that commitment murder ,shall hangs not only Chinese