My Hawaiian Horse HATES ME!

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 12, 2018
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  • Jessica
    Jessica  9 months ago +510

    has any laurex fans noticed that Matt records for both Alex and Lauren

  • Tylerty5
    Tylerty5  9 months ago +302

    Anyone else think it’s funny how Alex is more scared of riding a horse than he is skydiving?

  • Wassabi
    Wassabi  9 months ago +590

    I DIDNT CURSE AT 1:16! Lolol
    I say “it’s all good” really fast but it sounds like something else.
    laurel and yanny all over again 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Adrienne Hyde
    Adrienne Hyde  9 months ago +45

    Alex, horses are just giant dogs. Goldie and Flash are just vegan Moosie Bear.

  • Erin Equestrian
    Erin Equestrian  9 months ago +40

    If u an equestrian do you prefer English or western I am English all the way

  • Thatguyskt
    Thatguyskt  9 months ago +9

    Told my mom I would make it on YouTube I ain’t gonna let her down🙏✨

  • SilverFox
    SilverFox  9 months ago +22

    No, the horse just likes you but it's a child so it doesn't know how else to express it's love than to scare you. 🙃

  • Wildwood stables
    Wildwood stables  9 months ago +34

    The palomino (light golden one ) that horse is acc pretty small tbh

  • Erin Equestrian
    Erin Equestrian  9 months ago +41

    By the way don’t shout on a horse . Horses eat .sneaze

  • The Chelsea Martial Channel

    Did anyone else hear what Alex wasabi said at 5:34- 5:36

  • Ashleigh Griffen
    Ashleigh Griffen  9 months ago +9

    Love you. I wonder if he reads comments like mine <3 but mine are the same! If you see this Alex, Lots Of love!

  • нσѕєσкιιє
    нσѕєσкιιє  9 months ago +3

    Lol, I love how Alex, the one who jumps off buildings and sky dives (and had some crazy idea that we don't even know Lol), is scared of horses.
    We love an honest dare devil <3

  • Angel Bikey2
    Angel Bikey2  9 months ago +278

    Who else loves Alex to infinity and death??

  • Jacqueline Isabella Aguilar
    Jacqueline Isabella Aguilar  9 months ago +101

    Is it just me but, I’m still waiting for Lauren to come back in the vlogs and I wish she was there in Hawaii with Alex

  • light of the eye
    light of the eye  21 days ago +2

    i've loved and rode horses since i was 8
    so it's just hilarious to me how Alex ain't scares of falling from the sky, but he's scared of horses

  • nathan bartkowski
    nathan bartkowski  9 months ago +8

    I'm so glad Alex isn't a crazy youtuber that's breaking into walmarts and doing drugs.

  • chloe pup
    chloe pup  9 months ago +9

    Alex matches his lollipop

  • Ava Hugi
    Ava Hugi  9 months ago +120

    That’s one interesting title🙃

  • Kota Mona
    Kota Mona  9 months ago +5

    I ride horses and it so fun! My horse is close or over 2,000 pounds. My horse is very crazyy! lol, PLEASE HELP ALEX NOTICE ME!!

  • Sacrifice _chan
    Sacrifice _chan  9 months ago +1

    Omg I love riding horses soooooooo much!!
    I've been riding for 2-3yrs now!!
    Love Ur videos so much