Post Malone & Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stay / Rockstar / Dark Necessities (LIVE at the 61st GRAMMYs)

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 11, 2019
  • Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers & Post Malone perform Dark Necessitiesî from The Grammys. Recorded February 10, 2019. https://redhotchilipeppers.comhttps://postmalone.com


  • MattSquared  4 months ago

    Malone's in the wrong genre, he would make a great modern rocker

  • jedihoi  yesterday

    MattSquared from what I hear, he’s into country big time.

  • aleesumamasita  5 days ago

    He can do both!

  • GADIEL Maldonado  3 months ago

    Would you guys bump to post Malone if he did rock?

  • Tea and Socks  5 days ago

    @Nick Bernath I'd be interested to hear what stuff you listen to so maybe we can judge your taste before you go all "all music apart from the things I like is shit"

  • Hell yeah lmao

  • Post Malone is honestly very talented way beyond rap especially for this time. I hate people who classify him as mumble rap and compare him to people like 69. He is so far from that.

  • he may be far behond that in capabilitys but thats not the music he makes a living with he does do the rap which comes closer to mumble rap then rap so thats why he is classified as such

  • D12Lyricsbr  12 days ago

    Dummy Boy...

  • Foligno  2 months ago

    Whoever thought to put Post and Red Hot Chili Peppers together deserves a raise

  • Naughty Monkey  28 days ago

    Deserves to be raised up onto a cross and nailed there

  • xxaxnxtxhxoxnxyxx  28 days ago

    Post is probably one of the most down to earth musicians in his genre of music.  from inviting RCHP back to inviting some random dancing guy with a beard.  he gained my respect as a metal head. one day ill go to one of his shows.

  • Aoba Suzukaze  3 months ago

    From performing at Minecraft livestream to rocking out with his hero RHCPremarkable career indeed

  • CALMGAMESHOW  2 months ago

    He grew up listening to this band. Now he’s performing wit them 🙏💯💯

  • Grace Terrell  23 days ago

    he looks so happy

  • GamerMom ASMR  3 months ago

    Post sounds so much better without auto tune.*Edit: I could listen to his first song on replay all day. Sounds better than his mainstream songs.*

  • Jack Pelt  13 days ago

    LMSILVIA incorrect

  • gemma5632  24 days ago

    GamerMom ASMR agree

  • Dania needs sleep  2 months ago

    I've had the wrong impression of this mf for such a long time and only now am i starting to notice how talented he is

  • Jojo Caitlin  1 months ago

    It's sad a lot of people play him off as a young idiot but he's a great dude, he really cares about what he's doing

  • TheShadyLasher  2 months ago

    Anthony's shirt lasted 4 minutes 47 seconds in this video

  • Max Voigt  9 days ago

    and josh was about 3 layers short

  • TheRap channel  19 days ago

    That's a new record

  • Filmatic  4 months ago

    Omg I had no clue they performed at the grammys 😭😭😭😭 I didn’t watch it

  • Marina Santos  yesterday

    I did

  • Dylan Ashworth  3 months ago

    He played with aroesmith last year