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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 30, 2018
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  • Joseph Newgo
    Joseph Newgo  10 months ago +613

    Dang in Alex’s last two videos, a lot of cars have been getting wrecked 😂

  • Andi Martinez
    Andi Martinez  10 months ago +166

    Alex I barely found out about the break and i just wanted to say we all support you ❤️❤️❤️
    I like one hug for alex

  • Barbara Villalpando
    Barbara Villalpando  10 months ago +206

    Hey um....... I know you and Lauran are broken up buuuuuutttt ....... C - can you and lauran at least do a video together because you said that you guys can still be friends so it won't be that weird right ... Idk don't take it out on me I am only 11 I am sorry

  • Enthy Cornwell
    Enthy Cornwell  10 months ago +129

    It's not my birthday
    No I'm not sad
    No one died
    But could I get I like

  • Isabel Murillo
    Isabel Murillo  10 months ago +19

    This kind of doesn't seem like ALEX😐

  • sadie Her
    sadie Her  10 months ago +56

    I can't wait to watch Alex and Lauren on double dare!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊
    Like if you can't wait either.😊👍

  • blohsh aep
    blohsh aep  10 months ago +12

    Ok so I’ve been watching Alex for 7 years and Ik that this is not normal Alex, and i aight tryna be rude but this vlog kinda seemed like Logan’s old vlogs

  • yazzmin _
    yazzmin _  10 months ago +105

    I checked the title to make sure I was watching the right person I thought I was watching Jake Paul or something

  • Iz zy
    Iz zy  10 months ago +175

    Anyone gonna watch Alex and Lauren on double dare today? I am definitely

  • Morgan Mutchler
    Morgan Mutchler  10 months ago +11

    He said he would be taking a break after the breakup and maybe it’s just me but he seems different I think it’s important to take a break after something major happens and he’s a different person now without Lauren

  • Strawberry Pancakes
    Strawberry Pancakes  10 months ago +10

    Alex Crushed a car with a tank, (Ill alow it) 😂😂😂😂

  • Mel M.
    Mel M.  10 months ago +27

    How was the movie? I really wanna go see it!!!! I fricken love BNHA!!!

  • K Zaragoza
    K Zaragoza  10 months ago +8

    everytime i watch lauren's or alex's videos when i keep on remembering that they are not together anymore it breaks my heart and i miss them being on each others vlogs i can see in their eyes how much they miss each other and theres always this feeling that there is something missing in every video. because the essence of knowing that they are still together is great but now that they are not together theres something always missng in these videos btw i love you lauren and alex or should i say Laurex i hope your still gonna get together or i hope you are still together <3

  • Cydney Nguyen
    Cydney Nguyen  10 months ago +246

    I wonder if guppy even knows he’s blue

  • Alisha Brown
    Alisha Brown  10 months ago +9

    What do you think I am............. Italian
    I was laughing ALOT but I was trying to be a little quiet...

  • Nancy
    Nancy  10 months ago +14

    Who else is still wondering what Alex’s new life goal is

  • Stariana the cat lover
    Stariana the cat lover  10 months ago +9

    Academia!!! not Academy!!!! please get it right!!!!!!!!😧

  • mango peach
    mango peach  10 months ago +8

    I got shook on the way he said academia

  • Julie Playz
    Julie Playz  10 months ago +11

    R U and Lauren on DOUBLE DARE Alex?

  • Huda Kasker
    Huda Kasker  10 months ago +4

    Sit next to Lauren and watch My Side, together. Then maybe you two will be together again