Rebuilding a Wrecked 2017 Dodge Viper Part 9

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 18, 2019
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  • Doustaneh
    Doustaneh  4 months ago +46

    knowledge of repairing of car in your age rise my respect. Repairing, ordering, talking, explaining step for step, filming, editing,......My respect young man .👍

  • Ayden Vlogs
    Ayden Vlogs  4 months ago +37

    Guys let’s get Alex to 1million subscribes he deserves it. One man team & he’s a monster at what he does. Keep up the good work

  • Slawko Wegrzyn
    Slawko Wegrzyn  4 months ago +38

    You are right this is your car. Paint the color you like. If you are happy I'm happy for you. Fantastic work young man and thanks for sharing your rebuilding experience with us.

  • Nathan Rice
    Nathan Rice  4 months ago +9

    This seriously has to be the absolute craziest rebuild on youtube. Dude is literally starting with a bare frame. Alex you're a madman.

  • lazreg anis
    lazreg anis  4 months ago +31

    Finaaaaaally Alex !!! ♡♡♡ another good video right on time !

  • MrQANAS007
    MrQANAS007  4 months ago +31

    Finally 😍😍 back to viper project

  • Dirthauler
    Dirthauler  4 months ago +3

    I'm not positive, but I think you're supposed to lift the suspension to ride height before you tighten it or it will "Preload" the rubber bushings and cause them to prematurely wear / tear out. Great vids!! Love watching all the progress!!

  • Nathan93Baker
    Nathan93Baker  4 months ago +5

    Please Lord don't let it be a Lambo. 😒

  • Paul Padilla
    Paul Padilla  4 months ago

    Can't say it enough.....your rocking the Viper......keep it up....can't wait for the next video....your doing an awesome job!👍

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez  4 months ago +8

    Next project better be a Dodge Demon 😉

  • frank kapsner
    frank kapsner  4 months ago +1

    i like the new color , seal gray

  • Filipe
    Filipe  4 months ago +5

    I love your channel men ;) You have a nice Projects, and you work nice, big hug from Portugal :P

  • aymen haha
    aymen haha  4 months ago +7

    hi alex
    can you check if the Viper have a direction of slotted rotors , because its look wrong on the driver side

    PROMETHEUS  4 months ago

    Oh damn that Viper gonna look sick with that color combo, one of my other buddies fully painted his GTR Lamborghini lime green and it looks so sick

  • Modern Day Drifter
    Modern Day Drifter  4 months ago

    Dude, your channel and builds are legit. Nice job and keep up the good work.

  • CAMMED Motorsports
    CAMMED Motorsports  4 months ago

    Hi Alex, you should have put polyurethane engine and transmission mounts, and don’t forget to put proper heat insulation on the exhaust that runs in the rockers and on the frame while you have access to it, keep up the great work👍🇨🇦

  • George Soliman
    George Soliman  4 months ago +3


  • Robert DeMilo
    Robert DeMilo  4 months ago

    Nice update Alex. Lots of hard work crammed into 12 minutes. Already excited to see what your new project will be.

  • john vat
    john vat  4 months ago +3

    Nice color choice Alex,Maybe adding some black stripes will enhance the grey even more.

  • Robert Matthews
    Robert Matthews  4 months ago

    Great video, AGAIN!! I really appreciate your care for the details and not cutting corners. You could do these re-builds easier and cheaper, but the final product just wouldn't be the same. I respect your work ethic here. Thanks, again for the great videos. i think this is the third or fourth car re-build of yours I've watched. Great work!!