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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 23, 2018
  • On Board AF, we are playing Spyfall and we can't trust ANYONE! Can we figure out who is the spy?!

    We are revisiting our favorite Board AF games! Let us know what game you want to see next!


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  • Fire Lord Jozai
    Fire Lord Jozai  7 days ago


  • Alexis HI
    Alexis HI  14 days ago

    Damien is psychic

  • Jojo Draws9508
    Jojo Draws9508  14 days ago

    Villagers in Minecraft be like: ...

  • santadj101 gaming
    santadj101 gaming  14 days ago


  • Rand Binchi
    Rand Binchi  21 days ago

    no offense to the squad but when I watch them play a game and then see sg play it I find such a difference in the entertainment aspect like you can tell who auditioned to play games whilst making the audience laugh and who signed up to do sketches again just my opinion but I prefer if the squad sticks to sketches cuz that's what they're great at

  • Kinzie Anderson
    Kinzie Anderson  21 days ago

    Did anybody notice when Joven suspected that Wes was the spy. Everybody immediately thought that Wes was also the spy.

  • Peyton Pickle
    Peyton Pickle  21 days ago

    Why are a Wes’s characters depressed 😂😂

  • lucyk310
    lucyk310  a months ago

    How do they give out the location to the rest of the players without the spy knowing?

  • Catlover222
    Catlover222  a months ago

    I prefer the group with liv, court, Ian, Noah, Keith, and Shane.

  • Keith Timmer
    Keith Timmer  a months ago


  • Cieran Therrien
    Cieran Therrien  a months ago

    13:49 joven wtf

  • Befuddler
    Befuddler  a months ago

    Anyone else weirded out by how much Wes resembles Brandon Routh?

  • cute cat
    cute cat  a months ago

    joven:hola comosta
    me: hahahaha

  • Liz Avida
    Liz Avida  a months ago

    Any one watching this is 2019 crying about the downfall of Wes and Joven

  • Cuddly Celia
    Cuddly Celia  a months ago

    Wtf is that accent that Joven is doing, I believe that’s stereotyping lol

  • Quotes to Live by
    Quotes to Live by  a months ago

    Villager noises intensifies

  • Ardeth Winter
    Ardeth Winter  a months ago

    Smosh board af but it's actually minecraft villagers

  • raxny
    raxny  2 months ago

    So is no one gonna acknowledge Joven licking Courtney's spit off his hand at 14:41 ? Pretty gross... Tis a strange man that one.

  • Studio Sean
    Studio Sean  2 months ago

    Why do I relate to Mari and DEEEEEEEEEM so much in this episode.

  • Sherquan Jn Baptiste

    What I don't understand is how do they pick the right jobs for the location without someone knowing the location first. Someone pls explain