Sea of Thieves Weekly Stream: The Winner Takes it All

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 12, 2019
  • Jon, Joe and Mike from the Rare crew recruit guest streamer Doedelaar for a treasure hunt that (hopefully) ends in a dramatic race to take home the spoils! Visit the official game site at https://www.seaofthieves.comThis week's guest: Doedelaar ( the game and forge your own legend: into the Sea of Thieves Forums: Sea of Thieves on Twitter: Sea of Thieves on Facebook: Sea of Thieves on Mixer: Sea of Thieves on Twitch: Sea of Thieves on Discord: Live Gold required to play on Xbox One (sold separately).


  • Kush Smoke  4 months ago

    Please change the button to sit in the rowboat, I'm tired of trying to grab loot and sitting down instead

  • You're a doctor of philosophy?

  • Gel Pen  4 months ago

    Kush Smoke thank you! Literally just had that experience yesterday lol

  • JuSt FoR fUn  4 months ago

    Please add more to the open ocean! Like whales who periodically pop up to the surface or something

  • GlennJacobsen  4 months ago

    Or like krakens, ghost ships or megalodons 😅

  • Phil wiens  4 months ago

    JuSt FoR fUn finely someone else

  • Junpei Iori  4 months ago

    stream starts at 5:06

  • Felix Holtkamp  4 months ago

    Welcome back Joe :)

  • Derek Rios  4 months ago

    you ruined this game

  • Zer0  4 months ago

    Missed the stream...

  • Sgt Palooggoo  4 months ago

    Can't wait for the Royal Sovereign Capstan and Cannons.

  • Famous  4 months ago

    I dont know if i am the only 1, but the old sounds were much nice.. Now we are sicking and we dont even know if we dont check wish makes weird xD And the cannon hit sounds are soo empty ( dont have another word to describe it ) Hope u guys look into it

  • 4evrr  4 months ago

    Caden Comeaux fr

  • Caden Comeaux  4 months ago

    Wtf did you say

  • GLaDOS  4 months ago

    I'm going to be buried in the comments do not pull me up

  • Tachanka  4 months ago

    GLaDOS you got it

  • Richiemylove  4 months ago


  • hassassinsofduty4  4 months ago


  • Thomas Brown  4 months ago

    Richiemylove THE LAST ONE TO FALL