Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick Grilled By Listeners - LBC

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 25, 2019
  • The most senior police officer in the UK is live in the LBC studios to answer questions from listeners.Met Police commissioner Cressida Dick will be with Nick Ferrari at 8am this morning.With knife crime still a serious problem in the capital, how has the police chief attempted to solve the problem.Make sure you never miss a single word of our world-leading discussion by subscribing here out more about how to listen along and join in the conversation at is not your ordinary talk radio stream. LBC is the leading YouTube channel for live debate around the news and current affairs. We have live interviews and debates and you can even phone in to join in the conversation.


  • Absolute Buzzcocks
    Absolute Buzzcocks  2 months ago +119

    She is more concerned with the optics of appearing to be inclusive than she is with dealing with the reality of the rise of violent crime.

  • colin robertson
    colin robertson  2 months ago +98

    Yes people do get afraid of the police especially when they escort 300 mask armed men through the streets 2 attack someone campaigning to become a MEP I think there should be a full investigation into that matter

  • Daniel Bostock
    Daniel Bostock  2 months ago +108

    Get politics and ideology out of the police force and simply protect property rights by patrolling the streets.
    Keep it simple stupid

  • sosguy
    sosguy  2 months ago +27

    She is an example of placing diversity above competence. Get a real copper for the job.

  • mags d
    mags d  2 months ago +28

    Shes just another liar. After watching police whistleblower Jon Wedgers story she knows everything about child grooming and other crimes but sweeps under the carpet. This is who we have to trust, absolute disgrace. Get rid of them all !!!

  • spf_fishing
    spf_fishing  2 months ago +68

    10% of the population do 70% of violent crime in London alone, guess the race?

  • Alder Field
    Alder Field  2 months ago +29

    May in a uniform hopeless

  • Have I Got Fake News For You

    There were loads of people being milkshaked, yet the media only incited more of it to happen. Jo Brand's comments were reckless but not a crime, it would be nice that jokes could be okay for everyone in this country but the hypocrisy of the BBC & the media as a whole is what I find so revolting. They write article after article smearing decent people for jokes but as soon as Jo Brand says something, it was okay, no need for further investigation, "We stand by her."

    There is one way to show the world that the laws of this country are not applied consistently and CLASSISM is still the issue.

  • Mr X
    Mr X  2 months ago +20

    As evasive as any politician.
    Some utter nonsense spewed,for example,no evidence of drug use with Gove-who himself admitted to it.
    The evidence is his own words,the same way when a person admits guilt in a court room.
    This commissioner "looks into" rather a lot and yet see's very little....

    AN OUTLAW INLAW  2 months ago +56


  • Djura
    Djura  2 months ago +28

    Get these left wing maniacs out of the police force. We need smart pragmatic individuals in not ideologues like this woman.

  • colin robertson
    colin robertson  2 months ago +42

    If we're going to start getting into law why don't we look at how Parliament has broken the law concerning article 50 and the withdrawal agreement

  • manakara
    manakara  2 months ago +28

    What a joke,, all excuses and doesn't even know that the Met Police now all work for Facebook.

  • JanC UK
    JanC UK  2 months ago +27

    The Commissioner doesn't fill me with confidence, she's stumbling through the interview trying to justify the unjustifiable. The public are no longer protected as they should be, crimes such as burglary, assault and mugging have been downgraded and with officers being cut back so much that they are no longer able to cover the fast growing UK population. What we see are politics interfering with proper police work and hampered by political correctness making 'thought crime' the priority instead of dealing with real crimes against the people.

  • On Sonority
    On Sonority  2 months ago +40

    Morning Nick, Morning Cressida.
    What are you doing about the 20000 jihadists ?
    What are you doing about the 300000 .(est) illegal migrants

  • james bond100
    james bond100  2 months ago +23

    She is a PC clone. Anyone in a position of authority that has become a political pawn is not fit for the job. There appears to be too much influence by the London Mayor. Too much hate speech etc instead of actually doing the job they're employed to do is not acceptable. She and her ilk complain of not enough resources but if they took the officers off hate duty or internet monitoring they'd have more proper policing being done.

  • disherdismore
    disherdismore  2 months ago +12

    The one question is love to ask this woman is. Why are we spending so much time policing social media and prosecuting people for hurting someone’s feeling instead of doing proper police work.

  • Geoff Evans
    Geoff Evans  2 months ago +26

    Talking of law Lets talk about the Robin Tillbrook case

  • peter
    peter  2 months ago +25

    The police have become debt collectors, fine givers and lefty extremists. This female is completely out of touch with reality.... it's like she thinks every police person is a good person with no power trip..... nooooo! 555
    If every constabulary had to report to a civilian voted in by locals then common sense would prevail.

  • Night Hawk Gamer's
    Night Hawk Gamer's  2 months ago +22

    Think she knows anything about the paedophile ring in Westminster ?
    Home office likes to bury memes