Leave Me Alurn - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019


  • Pyreleaf
    Pyreleaf  7 months ago +3847

    Leave Me Alurn - because men respect corpses more than living women.

  • Hakcure
    Hakcure  7 months ago +2069

    "You only take one vacation every seven years" wow nothing more American then that statement.

  • Cece Rub
    Cece Rub  7 months ago +650

    my boyfriend’s urn actually got me out of a situation like this, shout out to him for still protecting me from creepy men

  • Eliana H
    Eliana H  7 months ago +968

    - Sorry, I’m dispersing ashes right now.
    - Without me? ;)

  • paul Z
    paul Z  7 months ago +405

    "This view right? Reminds me of the episode of twin peaks where the girl gets murdered, are you... Seeing anyone?"

  • Physalis Alkekengi
    Physalis Alkekengi  7 months ago +3234

    Some dudes are still gonna be like "Girl Im so sorry lemme spread them ashes with you."

  • Helen Amirian
    Helen Amirian  7 months ago +594

    Because men will respect another dead man's ashes more than a woman's right to unwanted attention.

  • Camille McKenzie
    Camille McKenzie  7 months ago +481

    I burst out laughing when the guy approached the group of women, only for them all to raise the urns.

  • Arceus Lord of Creation
    Arceus Lord of Creation  7 months ago +421

    Lower Back Spikes should be a real thing😂

  • Xzorsh1
    Xzorsh1  7 months ago +149

    I would buy the lower back spikes in a heartbeat.

  • Andy Arroyo
    Andy Arroyo  7 months ago +1707

    Whoever came up with "Leave me alurn" deserves a raise.

  • Kosher Penguin
    Kosher Penguin  7 months ago +230

    That face at 0:28 I know that face well. I've made it many times. Study that face. Memorize that face. If you see that face on a woman, leave her alone.

  • Vince Gay
    Vince Gay  7 months ago +155

    This would not actually work. During our small family gathering to scatter my brother’s ashes along a remote stretch of beach, two people appeared out of nowhere, broke into our circle, attempted to clasp hands with us, and asked if they could make it a Christian memorial. We declined, and asked for a little respect for boundaries. Do they patrol remote stretches of beach in search of memorial gatherings, as some kind of mission work?

  • Sassynbluntaf
    Sassynbluntaf  7 months ago +119

    That something Madea would say
    "Leave me the hell alurn"

  • Michelle E
    Michelle E  7 months ago +401

    The Venn Diagram of people who hit thumbs down on this video and people who think "the Gillette commercial went too far" is just a circle.

  • Matthew Wingad
    Matthew Wingad  7 months ago +1775

    These women really urned my respect.

  • Keiome Nikke
    Keiome Nikke  7 months ago +252

    Not to be too serious about a 50% satirical video, but men harassing women is a huge problem. It's hard to meet people, but when the woman is giving off subtle queues that she wants you to leave her alone, ya gotta respect that. Cause women are just too worried about you going full batshit on them for them being direct and asking to be left alone. .-.

  • Sunflower&Mouse
    Sunflower&Mouse  7 months ago +123

    Having commuted on public transport for a number of years, I can tell you the headphones in the ears or nose in a book does nothing to ward off unwanted small talk or hit-ons.

  • gitana1384
    gitana1384  7 months ago +69

    So many triggered broflakes in the comments section who can't f**king take a joke. The same one who probably say, "nowadays you can't joke about anything anymore without people getting offended!"

  • thetramp123
    thetramp123  7 months ago +132

    Realistically though, this wouldn't stop dudes.