Conan Staffers' Parents Give Tips On Improving The Show - CONAN on TBS

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 4, 2019
  • Conan calls staffers' parents to get tips on how to improve the show.More CONAN @ Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit Social With Team Coco:On Facebook:‬On Google+: Twitter: Tumblr: http://teamcoco.tumblr.comOn YouTube: Conan O'Brien on Twitter:


  • ashleylalala
    ashleylalala  4 months ago +6233

    Every video of Conan harassing his staff gets millions of views lol

  • I Play One On T.V.
    I Play One On T.V.  4 months ago +3981

    Conan has one of the quickest response wits I've ever seen by a television personality.

  • CJ
    CJ  4 months ago +3514

    You should have called Jordan Schlansky's parents!!!!!

  • edge.patrick
    edge.patrick  3 months ago +2843

    Tips for improving the show:
    - Clueless Gamer with just Conan and Aaron (celebrities suck)
    - More remotes from the office (your staff is hilarious)
    - More remotes with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart driving a car
    - More Jordan Schlansky

  • Rachel Wang
    Rachel Wang  4 months ago +3001

    im more concerned for all the dents in the walls due to chair throwing.

  • Pravin Bhorge
    Pravin Bhorge  1 months ago +523

    The more you watch Conan, the more you realize how bad Kimmel, Fallon, and Corden are

  • HeyMonaLisaCanI 67
    HeyMonaLisaCanI 67  4 months ago +1064

    That's so cute his wife tapes it for him though, they're supporting their daughter.

  • Miriam H
    Miriam H  3 months ago +971

    Conan: Do you like your chair?
    Employee: yeah
    Conan: throws chair

  • Lester Lee
    Lester Lee  4 months ago +656

    Being a writer for a quick-witted host like Conan must be... both tough and easy? I don't know.

  • Bane Todor
    Bane Todor  4 months ago +707

    "And it sounds like a pirate ship..."

  • Jawhar
    Jawhar  3 months ago +342

    his improvised message on the answering machine shows how incredibly talented and funny this man is.

  • Edwin Chae
    Edwin Chae  1 months ago +263

    "Am I creeping you out sir?"
    "Just a little."
    Camera cuts

  • Quist
    Quist  4 months ago +465

    Smiled from ear to ear the whole way through this. Conan is a humor unicorn 🦄

  • Agnar Nikolai Thomassen
    Agnar Nikolai Thomassen  4 months ago +364


  • Gatecrasher
    Gatecrasher  4 months ago +317

    Obstreperous (adj): noisy and difficult to control

  • Sage 888
    Sage 888  4 months ago +661

    Mr. Hill was hilarious! "I got get my therapy." 😂

  • Laurenz Götzinger
    Laurenz Götzinger  4 months ago +300

    I love it when Conan creeps around the office

  • フェリシア エロ
    フェリシア エロ  4 months ago +382

    No one:
    Conan: Do you like your chair?

  • JustAPerson
    JustAPerson  yesterday +3

    If i was one of the other guys i would be like "Thanks a lot Kramer"

  • Enrique Baigts
    Enrique Baigts  1 months ago +98

    I thought I wanted to work at Google, but I think the dream would be to work at CONAN's 😂