UK looking at sanctions against Iran over 'hostile act'

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood MP says Iran's seizure of a British-flagged ship in the Gulf is a 'hostile act' and that the UK is looking to de-escalate the crisis.SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: Follow us on Twitter: and Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: For more content go to and download our apps: Apple Android


  • Tomas Eriksson
    Tomas Eriksson  1 months ago +66

    What a BS!!!!! UK should follow international law. Give back Iran their tanker so we can get back our Swedish tanker!!!!!

  • Yoro Sanley
    Yoro Sanley  1 months ago +43

    There's no international sanctions that said don't deliver oil to Syria, only EU sanctions.. let's just be clear about that..

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy  1 months ago +69

    Was UK kidnapping Iranian tanker "friendly act" or a "hostile act"

  • Lord Of frog
    Lord Of frog  1 months ago +56

    US & UK supported saddam Hussein when he used chemical weapons against Iran but Wana talk about wmds LOL

  • munir frehmand
    munir frehmand  1 months ago +29

    since when europ law(sanction) is international law (sanction)

  • Dulce periculum
    Dulce periculum  1 months ago +33

    'Great Britain' is no longer 'Great' just another lackey of the American Zio empire. Britain was finished a long time ago.

  • Walter
    Walter  1 months ago +76

    Uk to US: dad, iran bullied me.

  • Jan Schlossar
    Jan Schlossar  1 months ago +66

    return the ships to one another and start everyone minding own business!

  • Yun Fu
    Yun Fu  1 months ago +17

    Ohhhh noooooo , uk sanctions hahahah no one cares

  • uthank pettukola
    uthank pettukola  1 months ago +11

    UK has neither the clout nor the ability to sanction another country,with its struggling economy I'm not even sure what the UK can do

    ASIT CICI  1 months ago +21

    Give the Iranian tank back and it'll be good

  • AK20 K
    AK20 K  1 months ago +11

    Britain and Iran are both sovereign nations, not Empires!
    Respect each others sovereignty and resolve this by releasing ships rather than aggression and applying more sanctions!

  • murkzmontana
    murkzmontana  1 months ago +52

    We have to recognise we don’t have an empire anymore we can’t unilaterally seize another countries ship and expect no retaliation

  • DerafsheKavian
    DerafsheKavian  1 months ago +11

    It is interesting a lot of officials are expressing all sorts of opinions but none of them refer to the seizing of Iranian ship that started all of this.

  • Mahmood Mirhashemi
    Mahmood Mirhashemi  1 months ago +8

    what is it? a joke interview?
    I thought Brits are aware of “eye or eye” , “Tit for Tat” concept.
    any mention of Britain act of sea piracy by first stealing an Iranian tanker?!?

  • peter evans
    peter evans  1 months ago +15

    we hijacked their ship, they did the same.

  • KJ Vids
    KJ Vids  1 months ago +7

    It happen suddenly! UK took there ship how is that sudden.

  • Emerald Haze
    Emerald Haze  1 months ago +13

    he's here to talk about tankers not no deal deal's....

  • Tommy Aung - GMail
    Tommy Aung - GMail  1 months ago +7

    Given Britain’s track record over the last two decades of weakness in the face of their opponents, how can the prime minister, the cabinet and senior civil servants think that this confrontation can end with anything less than a humiliating British climbdown?
    To seize an Iranian oil tanker, however legally justified the seizure might be, and not take the most stringent precautions against the inevitable Iranian retaliation, is reckless.(Independent)

  • LaaDee Dah
    LaaDee Dah  1 months ago +3

    At least one of the UK tankers that Iran seized had turned off its electronic signal that allows it to be tracked AND other marine traffic know that a ship is there - an absolute violation of international maritime law.