Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA "TIME ATTACK" PART 5

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
  • Have you ever wondered what happened with every car that got totaled? Well were here to tell you that they come straight to the goonzquad garage where we revive and restore the vehicles. Not really, but we do love to challenge ourselves with bigger and better projects. This very rare 2014 Dodge Viper Time Attack is the best build yet! We have encountered many new challenges already and nothing has stopped us yet! Follow along and see what happens next!-GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • Teege
    Teege  8 months ago +360

    I've been watching these guys for at least 6 months now and I'm positive their names are "Dang son" and "for sure"

  • Brandon Burbank
    Brandon Burbank  8 months ago +99

    Keep it original on the bumper guys. Its considered a collectors car and collectors like the oem look. So if you guys bring the body back to oem and sit on it for a while the value will rise.

  • Dez
    Dez  8 months ago +172

    That carbon fiber patch job is not going to last. You need to channel it out and make sure there is zero paint in the area. What you need is a concave surface pref one that has a small gap in it where you can back fill and layer from smaller to larger strips on top side. Other then that its going to peel away it has no real bond carbon doesn't bond as simply as fiber glass. What you will see it the slight torque of the hood from body movement is going to lift that carbon patch.

  • Barry
    Barry  8 months ago +263

    Guys, I really like your channel, but one thing concerns me about your repair to the hood. You should check the underside of the hood for any cracks of stress marks before you do any body filler repairs to the hood. Adding just one layer of carbon fibre to the hood my not be enough. You should check first under a very bright light for any unseen cracks that might be there.

  • f3dps2
    f3dps2  8 months ago +40

    Please be extremely careful when working with/sanding carbon fiber. It's one of the most dangerous particulates to work with if it gets in your lungs - I recommend you do any future sanding outside so you're not kicking up any leftover powder after you're finished.

  • Texas Studios
    Texas Studios  8 months ago +58

    i got a set of coil overs from a wrecked 15 srt viper ta in our Salvage yard, If you need them I can possibly sell them for cheap, But cannot pay shipping costs. If interested send a pm.

  • 392Productions
    392Productions  8 months ago +23

    Surprised you guys didn’t redo the hood considering how much shit you got on the repair video

  • IceLiquid
    IceLiquid  8 months ago +41

    I really like the channel but you need to listen to some of the advice about repairing carbon fiber properly, in the comments section.
    On the last ta video there was some people trying to help you guys in the comment section too.

  • kirk mullings
    kirk mullings  8 months ago +18

    i would stay with the original type carbon fiber piece on that front bumper. dodge did a lot of wind testing and r&d on those cars.

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan  8 months ago +13

    Limited car i would keep car original

  • Kaleb Nicholson
    Kaleb Nicholson  8 months ago +1

    “Absolutely amazing” should be on the next merch yall drop😂

  • memr1stive
    memr1stive  8 months ago +8

    You need to redo the carbon fiber repair!!!! You need to drill the ends of the cracks and sand all the way down to the middle of the layer that's damaged and work it up a lot more, I'm sure a more experienced fiberglasser can chime in with more details but that's not going to hold up. You sanded off most of the carbon on the surface too. Come on guys read the comments, we've all been worried about this since the last video.

  • trisgriff
    trisgriff  8 months ago

    Do I have to use a different kind of paint been as the bonnet/hood is flexible, will it crack??
    Keep up the good work

  • one forty six AM
    one forty six AM  8 months ago +1

    Because of the rarity of a T/A I would say Keep it stock.

  • Jonas Was Here
    Jonas Was Here  8 months ago +1

    If possible, make it as original as possible, if not just do what you want to do ;)

  • Marc Lennox-Robertson

    Perfect timing just about to eat lunch and watch some good content!!

  • Welcome To The Madness
    Welcome To The Madness  8 months ago +287

    The cat is always chilling, not a care in the world. Oh you're making all that noise I'm just going to sit here on this box.

  • Wolfie R8
    Wolfie R8  8 months ago +1

    Yeeees, the Vipeeer, yaaaaayyy! This is the best rebuild so far!

  • ronie literato
    ronie literato  8 months ago

    guys i want to see a GTR as one of you're future project. keep the good works. god bless!

  • Cry96Booster
    Cry96Booster  8 months ago

    i like your work on there cars because i love american cars, keep it up im follow you From Italy but i Dream America 💪😍