Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 5, 2018
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  • Taylor's Daily Mistakes
    Taylor's Daily Mistakes  2 minutes ago +1

    I'm a Libra and I HATE coconut

  • Epic Sam
    Epic Sam  16 minutes ago

    OH HELL NAH! Im a saggittarius and i would never eat that. I know i might get backlash but still thats disgusting as fu.. wait forgot there might children.....sorry

  • Kpop fan For life!!
    Kpop fan For life!!  an hour ago +1

    I am an cancer and the dessert looks really good! 🤤🤤 to bad I’m too lazy to make it 😢

  • Viceral
    Viceral  2 hours ago

    Pina Colada is great and all but...
    Cancer got a Giant Reece's and leo got a big brownie chocolate ball and Scorpio got HOT COCOA and Sagittarius got FRIED OREOS AND CHOCOLATE BARS AND OTHER STUFF and Capricorn got a chocolate muffin and Aquarius got ice cream and brownie and- * bursts into tears *

  • Viceral
    Viceral  2 hours ago

    Stop it.
    I feel attacked.
    How DARE you know that I like Pina colada better then most other flavors!

  • Viceral
    Viceral  2 hours ago

    Honestly I'd just be happy with the sugar butter mixture.
    Any other Libras like this or just me?

  • Dawn Johnson
    Dawn Johnson  3 hours ago

    Nope. Reese cups are gross.

  • Morgan Schiller
    Morgan Schiller  4 hours ago

    Scorpio has me dead on!

  • its your girl zai
    its your girl zai  4 hours ago

    Me:*is Sagittarius* no wonder I'm fat I like to deep fry stuf

  • Desiree Shelton
    Desiree Shelton  5 hours ago

    I'm a cancer and I don't like peanut butter

  • Magdalena Correa
    Magdalena Correa  5 hours ago

    I'm a Sagittarius and mine seems very appeasing and delicious, but everything looked so much better and tastier!!

  • Addi Ward
    Addi Ward  6 hours ago

    Me: Loves chocolate
    Me: Leo
    yumm i got the best

  • Mohacsi Sara
    Mohacsi Sara  6 hours ago

    Im a cancer lol

  • Horizon
    Horizon  7 hours ago

    I am Aries , but I can't have alcohol ;-;

    ELLADA BOMBER  7 hours ago

    I'm Gemini and cancer so I might try and mix these a bit

  • Pastel Queen
    Pastel Queen  8 hours ago

    I'm a leo and I LOVED mine!

  • Katherine Nguyen
    Katherine Nguyen  8 hours ago

    I’m Aquarius but..
    *i dont know how to swim*

  • Cindy_Playz
    Cindy_Playz  8 hours ago

    So im a scorpio. We get fiery chilli hot cocoa. *I dont know how i feel about that...*

  • SądîęEşţěĺļă

    Mmm, the Aries one looks really good!

  • Kasey Playz
    Kasey Playz  9 hours ago

    lol nearly everyone wants to eat any dessert but their zodiac sign dessert