US voting machines are failing. Here’s why.

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 29, 2018
  • The greatest threat to American voting machines might not be hacking, but old age.Subscribe to our channel! our latest collaboration with ProPublica, we take a look at US election security and the status of American voting machines. Check out the full ProPublica report at: tuned for more stories in this collaboration! If you’d like to sign up to receive more ProPublica journalism, go here: 2017, hackers Rick Rolled a voting machine in Las Vegas. Even though the machine was out-of-date and the demonstration didn’t replicate real-life conditions, the stunt brought national attention to an election crisis that has been building ever since the “hanging chad” fiasco that occurred during the 2000 Presidential election recount.In her story on American election security, ProPublica’s Kate Rabinowitz revealed that many state and local election officials are suffering a funding crisis. Without the money needed to maintain and update electronic voting machines, officials are having to make do with equipment that was manufactured in 2008 or even earlier. At that time, most machines had recently been replaced thanks to the 2002 Help America Vote Act, but few have been updated since. By isolating machines from the internet and keeping them in secure locations, officials are able to reduce the threat of widespread hacking, but the machines are plagued with more mundane technical problems that states have been slow to address and could have major consequences for future elections.On the bright side, the omnibus spending bill that was passed in March 2018 allocated $380 million dollars for state election officials to update their voting infrastructure. Whether that money is actually provided and how it will be spent, however, remains to be seen. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out our full video catalog: Vox on Facebook: Twitter:


  • Vectored Thrust
    Vectored Thrust  a years ago +2446

    Did I just get rickrolled by Vox?
    Also, this is why the uk does paper ballots with entirely manual counting where representatives of all of the political parties and the media are present to watch the count.
    Sure, it takes an awful long time, with some counts not being declared until 7am or later when polls close at 10pm, but it's the most secure and reliable method of voting. No ageing machines necessary

  • Our Founding Liars
    Our Founding Liars  a years ago +1819

    Rick Astley hacked the election. Keep asking questions. Investigate rick roll

  • Charles Kuhn
    Charles Kuhn  a years ago +810

    Buying new machines every ten years... How about simple paper voting?

  • Tim T
    Tim T  a years ago +180

    There is this really handy thing called paper. It's pretty hacker proof and you can use it together with the help of a pen. Works pretty good here in Germany.

  • Os
    Os  a years ago +1680

    Getting rick rolled by vox

  • Carl Rei Saito
    Carl Rei Saito  a years ago +673

    I wonder how the world would have been if Al Gore won?

  • frankbauerful
    frankbauerful  a years ago +404

    Why does the US use voting machines in the first place? Pure pen&paper voting with pure manual counting works fine for Germany, Europe's most populous country. Germany also does not have lines at the polling places because there are enough of them. Somehow the US manages to be at the same time more modern and less efficient.

  • Achillez
    Achillez  a years ago +153

    So Trump was right after all! The elections WERE the machines!
    Quick, deport the machines! Then build a wall, and make the machines pay for it!

  • Edmund Osborne
    Edmund Osborne  a years ago +85

    Just do what the UK does: paper only, absolutely no machines involved.

  • Medea's Biggest Fan
    Medea's Biggest Fan  a years ago +276

    Why not just use a pencil and paper like in the UK?

  • yourmanwatson
    yourmanwatson  a years ago +21

    This is hilarious. We use paper ballots up here in Canada.. works great ! Whatever a-hole salesman sold you guys on this tech really pulled one over on you lol..

  • Jakob Schulze
    Jakob Schulze  a years ago +153

    Greetings from Germany, where we still have paper ballots and you just have to make an X.
    Votes are counted by volunteers and everyone is allowed to watch the process.
    We also have an automatic universal voter registration from age 16.
    The US system feels not very trustworthy!

  • ElyssaAnderson
    ElyssaAnderson  a years ago +161

    What are they doing with all that money? How much do these voting machines actually cost, and how many do they actually need?
    It sounds like somebody is getting rich holding the elections hostage.

  • vonigner
    vonigner  a years ago +19

    Rick = goood
    America please use paper.
    In France you take a paper per candidate, go into the isolation booth, put one paper in the envelope, come out, put the envelope in the urn and done. If you write on paper it’s not counted. If you put two papers it’s not counted
    Simple and easy.

  • 718Gilbert
    718Gilbert  a years ago +30

    The Travis and Blanco County comparison is extremely misleading. Blanco spent just over 4 dollars per resident and Travis spent spent $1.40 per resident

  • Greg M
    Greg M  a years ago +13

    In 2004 I voted for John Kerry, but the screen flipped my vote and showed I voted for Bush, the officials there had to re-set the machine.
    After this happened 3 more times the voting machines finally showed that I voted for John Kerry. I asked the officials if the other two votes counted for Bush and they couldn't say whether or not it counted for Bush.
    But Trump is going to make everything better, because he is going to have armed guards at the voting polls, which will prevent the Russians from hacking into the voting machines, because that's how technology works (sarcasm).

  • Cruznick06
    Cruznick06  a years ago +8

    We don't even use voting machines in Nebraska. You literally fill in a bubble with a black ballpoint pen.

  • J D
    J D  a years ago +10

    3:55 Blanco county actually got more funding per person. Almost 3 times as much per person.

  • Future Senator Karl Pilkington

    bro just go with paper. if it works don't change

  • Greg M
    Greg M  a years ago +4

    In the 2000 election Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida. Nothing suspicious about the way Florida counted (or didn't count) the votes (sarcasm).