2011 01 30 [email protected] Kobe Bryant 41 pts

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 21, 2017


  • kruise Lewis
    kruise Lewis  2 days ago

    adam sandler it was lip sincing

  • Erik son
    Erik son  7 days ago

    If Boston had Shaq on ECF vs Miami the story maybe was different. He wasnt a prime Shaq but Miami didnt have a great center to defend Diesel

  • Keilonda Collins
    Keilonda Collins  21 days ago


  • masters cooper
    masters cooper  21 days ago

    Kobe was amazing, so talented and hard worker

  • Manuel Cedillo.JRZ.
    Manuel Cedillo.JRZ.  1 months ago

    Did you know ,Tracy Mcgrady was traded in Spurs to Clippers an world wide trophy champ in 2005.

  • Sean Cunningham
    Sean Cunningham  1 months ago

    KG always looks like a super sweaty over rip ovacado.

  • B
    B  2 months ago

    It would have been awesome to see LA matchup with Miami in the championship and to see Kobe tryin to 3 peat. Ohh, the what ifs.

  • Season Lam
    Season Lam  2 months ago

    Why is Shaq in this game 2011? Is it mandala effect?

  • cxx
    cxx  2 months ago

    KG is look like kemba walker.

  • Googly Eyes
    Googly Eyes  2 months ago +1

    Doc rivers load management since 2011 😂😂😂😊😊😂

  • Mahmud Jimada
    Mahmud Jimada  2 months ago +4

    Look at all the hall of famers on the court at one time!

  • Marc Harmon
    Marc Harmon  2 months ago

    I used to think Perk was a straight meatball but when you see him on sports shows now he is cool af

  • SwanstonMedia11
    SwanstonMedia11  2 months ago +2

    This was a special Celtics team right here! Wish I could turn back time....

  • JuiceBDG
    JuiceBDG  2 months ago +3

    i woke up and seen i watched 1 hour and 21 mins.

  • Stfu Skip
    Stfu Skip  2 months ago

    Same fans that booed for Shaq are the bandwagon fans that fill the stadium when lebum came to the lakers. Bum ass fake fans

  • James Chiang
    James Chiang  2 months ago

    Too much isolation game

  • James Chiang
    James Chiang  2 months ago +1

    Those plays in last minutes is how bad Kobe play after 2010

  • D6T91030
    D6T91030  3 months ago +3

    44:58 😂😂😂😂

  • Gioberti Galaviz Rubio

    era kobe bryant vs los celtics mas armados de la historia. nate robinson y shakille oneal de banca

  • Esco
    Esco  3 months ago

    Kobe didnt finish the game very well