Kristen Bell on Giving Birth

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 16, 2015
  • The actress told Ellen all the details of her labor, and the drugs she took to get through it!


  • Zane McFly
    Zane McFly  4 years ago +3867

    I closed my eyes and imagined Anna talking to Dory

  • Mikey Tsiang
    Mikey Tsiang  4 years ago +1766

    Kristen Bell is so radiant. I just love her in everything. She seems like such a kind and wonderful person.

  • Herlin Setyoningrum
    Herlin Setyoningrum  3 years ago +2654

    she's a good storyteller

  • Aly Dematti
    Aly Dematti  4 years ago +2535

    Kristen and Dax are such good storytellers!

  • Ryan Garloff
    Ryan Garloff  4 years ago +2542

    Hm... I never thought of Lincoln as a girl's name. Interesting.

  • Ladlii
    Ladlii  4 years ago +943

    I didn't realize she was so funny! She also has fantastic delivery of her jokes... (pun intended)

  • Mariah Klein
    Mariah Klein  4 years ago +669

    she should have kristen and dax on at the same time

  • Olivia Li
    Olivia Li  4 years ago +679

    I'm imagining Anna saying "I am scratching holes in my face like a meth addict."

  • rovers141
    rovers141  3 years ago +361

    For all the people thinking of complaining about Kristen saying months instead of years for her child's age, there are reasons why people say months and years. It has a lot to do with how quickly children that age develop and that measuring in months is so much more accurate than years. It's okay to not know this, so I wouldn't fault anyone for asking why. But when you're a complete dick about it and you seem to think you are so much smarter for knowing that 22 months is nearly equal to 1 year, did you ever stop to think why you hear months instead of years ALL the time? Your own ignorance shines as you attempt to justify your own intelligence. I love irony.

  • Dazy Kid
    Dazy Kid  4 years ago +772

    Love it when Kristen Bell is on Ellen!

  • Daniel Cha
    Daniel Cha  3 years ago +739

    imagining her cooked up and doing those 30 second pauses is really funny

  • Clare Sandford
    Clare Sandford  4 years ago +101

    Imagine being Dax & Kristen's kids, man that would be fun all the time XD

  • Dare - wait for it - Devil

    She looks amazing! Especially knowing she gave birth 7 weeks ago, damn. And she is hilarious :)

  • Nasra Elmi
    Nasra Elmi  4 years ago +53

    "We don't wanna be outnumbered!"       hahaha!!;-)

  • Fozia Lafemme
    Fozia Lafemme  3 years ago +360

    She is so pretty and cool mom. :)

  • lucky7
    lucky7  4 years ago +215

    She is so cute and charismatic!

  • Nattynatnat
    Nattynatnat  4 years ago +143

    She seems like such a cool person. I'd love to have her as a friend

  • Liliana Shuzen
    Liliana Shuzen  3 years ago +130

    now I see why she was perfect 'Anna'

  • robyne
    robyne  3 years ago +105

    Ami I the only one that caught Lincoln and Delta from the movie The Island😂😂

  • Anne-Lotte Boudeling
    Anne-Lotte Boudeling  4 years ago +91

    I love Kristen Bell, she is so funny! & such a good storyteller hahaha!