Rebuilding a Wrecked 2010 Nissan GTR 1200+ HP

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 5, 2019
  • Merch: me on Snapchat & Instagram: AlexRebuilds Email: [email protected] the Hellcat and RCF is getting painted I decided to pick up another build! It has always been a dream of mine to one day finally get a GTR and it finally happened, turns out it is one of a kind! Music Used:DayFox - Departure (Vlog No Copyright Music)[No Copyright Music] Discolored - ZAYFALLRebuilding a Wrecked 2010 Nissan GTR 1200+ HP


  • Alex Rebuilds
    Alex Rebuilds  7 months ago +219

    Picking up the Hellcat from the paint shop today! Part 7 for it will be up in the next couple days!

  • Ryan Manzi
    Ryan Manzi  7 months ago +218

    I’m watching 3 GTR builds (B is for Build, Goonzquad) but I’m most excited about yours.

  • Ray Parker
    Ray Parker  7 months ago +68

    Goonzquad got a tuned GTR,
    Alex: Hold my beer

  • sam defoe
    sam defoe  7 months ago +46

    Everyone’s doing gtr’s great choice

  • JohnStax
    JohnStax  7 months ago +118

    You have to race Goonzquad once its done! 🔥

  • Brad Bozarth
    Brad Bozarth  7 months ago +37

    This guy deserves way more subscribers BTW!

  • Emilio R.
    Emilio R.  7 months ago +24

    You absolutely are killing it first the Hellcat now a GTR with a Alpha 10 package thats insane
    Keep up the good work!

  • Bogdan
    Bogdan  7 months ago +27

    That original red in pair with carbon fiber will look awesome.

  • Will R
    Will R  7 months ago +32

    Wow. Alpha 10 packages START at $61,499.95! I think you better keep the hood an Alpha 10 carbon fiber.

  • amcluesent
    amcluesent  7 months ago +19

    I've lost track on how many 'Tubers are rebuilding GTRs!

  • johny men
    johny men  7 months ago +31

    Very good it's so good that you repair the crash cars you give the cars a new life👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • j g
    j g  7 months ago +4

    Best builder out there in my opinion. Straight to business no b.s. like the rest

  • Jesus Mata
    Jesus Mata  7 months ago +2

    Goonzquad be like " dude that boost is crazy"
    Alex is like "Awh That's cute"

  • rogelio reyes
    rogelio reyes  7 months ago +11

    Never clicked a video so fast in my life lol

  • Pop Laurentiu
    Pop Laurentiu  7 months ago +4

    Hi Alex, Happy New Year to you !!! I'm impressed you took this modded GTR so, it would be nice if you try to keep as many carbon parts as you can on it, the aggressive carbon hood is really nice because the car got performance up-grades that must be cooled so, those vents in the hood do that and also it match the carbon rear spoiler and all other carbon parts. So the hood is pretty salvageable and my advice to you is to try and save it or at least if you wont use it, sell it to someone else, you will get some good money back to get other parts you need on this build.. The original red color is ok but if you do that you will have 4 colors present on the car looking like a parrot : red, carbon, black rims and orange on the calipers.. So if you want my opinion i would paint the car body to match the metallic orange color on the brake calipers that way you will have only orange with carbon..if you can swap those wheels as they are with OEM Nismo would really look nicer imo So, anyway man congrats one more time & Looking forward to see what you will do on this GT-R beast ! (>_< )

  • JohnStax
    JohnStax  7 months ago +69

    I agree, Red looks better than that matte black

  • Unnamed channel
    Unnamed channel  7 months ago +22

    Oh man, GOONZQUAD is rebuilding one too.

  • Kondor Buildz
    Kondor Buildz  7 months ago +22

    Awesome build bro! Kinda figured you got it. Was watching it bid!

  • Jesus Arellano
    Jesus Arellano  7 months ago

    1:30 Look at them some Wheels on it.... lmao

  • Shaban Khokar
    Shaban Khokar  7 months ago +2

    What a year to start.. watching 3 of my favorite Youtubers rebuilding my all time favorite car 😍