Road to the Dream [study/sleep/homework music]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 15, 2019
  • ● Spotify Playlists : 🖤 🖤👁Art by Varguy Varguy⭕Tracklist and Artist :00:00 Blake Tree - Violet ghost boy - Stargazing Ashton Blake - Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (lofi cover) LoKi/Thaehan - Sleepless Nights Aphrow - Snowball lilac - Memories LoKi/Thaehan - Snowflakes Yeez - Shelter (Lofi) recueil - Lovely memories lilac - last train home together SubTrailss - Hometown Morfhin - It's Time To Leave Ian James - A Walk With You✔ Subscribe, support me,I'm trying for you :) ______________________________________________________ ❗If you're a owner of any song/picture on this channel and want it removed, just leave a message on my E-Mail and I'll do my best to delete it as soon as possible. :) ✉ [email protected]______________________________✉Submit your music :✉Submit art :


  • Dreamy
    Dreamy  3 months ago +248

    Almost 200 thousand people who like what I do. Thank you ♥
    ●Tracklist :
    00:00 Blake Tree - Violet
    02:00 ghost boy - Stargazing
    04:18 Ashton Blake - Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (lofi cover)
    07:30 LoKi/Thaehan - Sleepless Nights
    10:55 Aphrow - Snowball
    13:15 lilac - Memories
    15:19 LoKi/Thaehan - Snowflakes
    17:19 Yeez - Shelter (Lofi)
    18:24 recueil - Lovely memories
    21:04 lilac - last train home together
    22:53 SubTrailss - Hometown
    25:11 Morfhin - It's Time To Leave
    27:18 Ian James - A Walk With You

  • kat
    kat  3 months ago +230

    opening with violet evergarden was so powerful, amazing start to my study session :)

  • Kia Avelar
    Kia Avelar  3 months ago +165

    While you listen to this wonderfull track. Tell your self everything will be okay. Some one is waiting for you, soon you will meet them. Just believe in your self until then. Life will get better I promise. #Loveyourself You will meet your kind soul soon until then just wait

  • Jordan Moffett
    Jordan Moffett  3 months ago +98

    Just taking a casual stroll to King Kai's place for a cup of sugar.
    Wait was that a jazz cover for Smells like teen Spirit?WTF!?

  • Zoe De Vries
    Zoe De Vries  3 months ago +62

    Help me. Help me reach the sun.
    There is this question i always wanted to ask him. But he is too far away.
    Yet so close.
    I can feel him on my skin, see him in the sky.
    Still, I can not reach him.
    I want to know, how he can shine so brigthly that everyone sees him during the day. How he lights up the moon for us at night.and at the same time, stay so warm, that everyone and every single thing around him is heated just enough,
    Yet, he is there on his own, surounded by this dark, soundless nothingness. Tell me sun.
    Help me. Help me reach the biggest star of them all.

  • Lars Kholl
    Lars Kholl  3 months ago +81

    You are the best in this genre, Dreamy. Keep going! Thank u for workin'

  • Opportunity In China
    Opportunity In China  2 months ago +45

    Dude, this is your best mix yet. Nothing to add, nothing to take away. It's got a vibe which is neither boring, repetitive, nor is it overwhelming. Perfect for my work.

  • ᄋ:
    ᄋ:  3 months ago +38

    This music gives me that weird teary feeling even though I’m not actually crying. It’s a mixture of peace sadness and an intangible hug reassuring that everything will be okay, not to worry, to appreciate the minimalist beauty of life. So I took a step out of my 3:42am reality, doing a law essay for my upcoming exams and looked around the beautiful home I have and the loving God I have who gave me such a blessed and privileged life
    I’m thankful for everything
    Sadness and anxiety is temporary and will go away but moments of minuscule happiness find a way of burying themselves somewhere special in the heart.
    Step out and have a good moment to whoever reading this

  • Joseph Nowak
    Joseph Nowak  2 months ago +37

    the journey will be hard,
    nights cold, long,
    hold my hand,
    we will walk,
    into infinity,

  • SharpSyndr
    SharpSyndr  3 months ago +31

    The first one, Violet Evergarden ost ❤️

  • Erica Thomas
    Erica Thomas  3 months ago +17

    Love this - especially the LoFi cover of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' @ 04:18
    Thank you Dreamy! Always pulling thru with the best mixes!

  • John Knight
    John Knight  2 months ago +7

    On my road to the dream, I speak poems to unpack with my growth
    Preach pavements, and reach tree-lines for that final cathartic,
    made, evening invocation: "This is right where I started."
    A Partnership - a home where my heart is; you hear it in my lips' smackings,
    hear it in my knick knacking feng shui, where I collect, and place it where my books stay;
    the archive runs deep through my veins, all tuning fork and ankh in place -
    Fluorite making flow right,
    jade and granite, and the night static sizzling out sunshine like hat play again
    This is heavenly, where I sleep
    Peace in our fingertips to typeface,
    and all the way to our beach, basin, and stars in our outer space
    I'm so serious - I lift weights of life in full to find God mind in my wake, in my grasp and my take.
    So my perspective: my flesh beat for a reason. My heart carries a bass.
    So what I touch must do the same.
    And my divinity is undeniable unto that.
    and my name

  • InYourChill
    InYourChill  3 months ago +34

    An awesome playlist as always on Dreamy.
    Much love ❤️
    P.S.: Beautiful background btw

  • Vivian Tran
    Vivian Tran  2 months ago +7

    The first song from Violet Evergarden hit me in the feelies. Love you, Dreamy! 💕

  • Cry Wolf
    Cry Wolf  3 months ago +25

    05:00 huh. saxophone cover of some 80s ballad.
    wait what.

  • Emily Cooper
    Emily Cooper  2 months ago +19

    Therapist: the lofi cover of smells like teen spirit doesn't exist, it can't hurt you
    The lofi cover of smells like teen spirit:

  • WeebDisease
    WeebDisease  3 months ago +9

    violet evergarden will be always in my hearth

  • Diya Ramsundar
    Diya Ramsundar  3 months ago +16

    This is sooo nice ❤ I recently decorated my bedroom with lanterns, too 🏮

  • Ev B
    Ev B  3 months ago +12

    Crap...… I wanna adventure (>-<)

    gERALD DINHO  3 months ago +19

    this mix sounds/feels like a warm, comforting blanket. thanks for all the music!!