Conan Surprises Japanese Fans

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 3, 2018
  • Last year, a couple invited Conan to their wedding in Japan. Conan couldn’t make it, but he's stopping by their house now with a special wedding gift in tow.

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  • Max Arma
    Max Arma  3 hours ago

    The Door looks like a fridge

  • FightKing 4K Gaming

    Next Stop: Taiwan! Please!

  • Dimitri
    Dimitri  11 hours ago

    She's gorgeous, lucky guy. I hope Conan keeps going to cool places and doing these videos. I don't really watch late night tv like this like I used to, but these are enjoyable.

  • falerdog
    falerdog  12 hours ago

    See it if was Leno : A. no one would invite him anywhere because he's not funny or likeable. B. she would just keep the door shut after the 3rd peek. C. It wouldn't get about 1.5 mil views even after 2 years, and never after 1 week.

  • ReallyFilthyToad
    ReallyFilthyToad  14 hours ago

    They still look exactly the same like on the photo, so the "surprise" is staged.

  • ibsio
    ibsio  16 hours ago

    Oh my god sometimes I want to sock Jordon in the face.

  • Doug Carruthers
    Doug Carruthers  18 hours ago

    Coco doesn't realise this but that moment in their lives where the tall orange haired slender man called in to say hi will stay with them for life

  • G.Y. Shen
    G.Y. Shen  18 hours ago

    Will Conan come to Taiwan, pls? :-/

    • Jesse lEE
      Jesse lEE  4 hours ago

      someone from there need to send him an invite or something like these couples and that korean girl.

  • tom wilon
    tom wilon  23 hours ago

    tell conan i love him

  • Jhin17 Ezreal
    Jhin17 Ezreal  yesterday

    loll! the way Conan is looking back at the camera after her screams and closing the door is priceless! XD

  • holdmybeer
    holdmybeer  yesterday

    Conan's a legend.

  • Long isGone
    Long isGone  yesterday

    That is so hilarious. reminds me of my co-worker. Just ask him a question and he just goes off on a tangent

  • The Fractalist
    The Fractalist  yesterday


  • robbzooi
    robbzooi  yesterday

    ''you like jordan schlansky?!..''

  • Oi Ulti
    Oi Ulti  yesterday

    Now how can I maintain my sense of self, in a world that wants to defeat me. LOLOLOLOL

  • Jeffro P. Koaltrain

    I Love Conan’s humor.

  • Alexander T
    Alexander T  yesterday

    0:47 poor lady lives inside a refrigerator..

  • Mohammed Hussain

    That feeling when you've been watching every Conan video online for years but realised you haven't subscribed. Have now.

  • Dollar 21
    Dollar 21  2 days ago

    Is that a fridge front door?

  • Aditya Nair
    Aditya Nair  2 days ago

    So they dress like that at home? what a surprise!!