From Gang Leader To Single Father In Japan | ASIAN BOSS

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 30, 2019
  • Special thanks to Onodera Mitsuru for sharing his story.

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  • Beta β Aquarii
    Beta β Aquarii  5 hours ago

    I wish some anime writers make a manga about him.

  • Drew Stifler
    Drew Stifler  11 hours ago

    Hearing medical expenses in japan for free makes me wants to live there and my family.

  • Drew Stifler
    Drew Stifler  11 hours ago

    I've been abandoned by my mother and now have a child depending on me. Respect to this guy. -from Philippines

  • Albert Yuen
    Albert Yuen  13 hours ago

    Fullmetal Alchemist : Daddy Hood

  • Ara ara
    Ara ara  21 hours ago

    I think I got something in my eyes

  • Ara ara
    Ara ara  21 hours ago

    Single father > Single mother. Just because the father have less chance to get married again while he have kids.

  • Kiara's Single
    Kiara's Single  yesterday

    Omg I can't stop my tears after seeing this video 😭 At first I don't want to have a children in the future because I'm feeling not confident enough to raise my children--BUT NOW I want to be like him

    This is so lovely

  • Mukamal Sujud
    Mukamal Sujud  yesterday


  • Thinkerbell Misteryosa

    God bless your family✨✨✨

  • papsividz
    papsividz  yesterday

    make an anime with this story..

    SPANISH MANILA  2 days ago

    You are so much brave'r for being a single father rather than being a gang leader...Salute to you
    Greetings from Philippines...

  • LO Moon
    LO Moon  2 days ago

    He's the Asian Boss : Great Dad Mitsuru (GDM)

  • Sam Huidrom
    Sam Huidrom  2 days ago

    Hats off to you and all my wishes to your family

  • Tifa Santiago
    Tifa Santiago  2 days ago

    Simply amazing

  • Tba Zizou
    Tba Zizou  2 days ago


    Asian Boss: He used to be a GANG LEADER.

  • Idtech Celestial
    Idtech Celestial  3 days ago

    I cried......

  • Ancient One
    Ancient One  3 days ago

    I don't even believe he's 34. He look barely 20's xD LMFAO

  • Ancient One
    Ancient One  3 days ago

    If he made a book out of that diary. It would definitely be a hit. He should name it "From gang leader to single father."

  • Zarra Aziza
    Zarra Aziza  3 days ago

    The diary tho🥺 diary has helped me too during difficult times. I wish them all the happiness in this world

  • Reina Indriani
    Reina Indriani  4 days ago

    Wish his son grow up healthily. His story may not be good but he is truly a good father to his children. I rarely know a single father who truly loving his children like him. I truly wish the best for him and his children. Please be happy 💕