Donald Trump Literally Tweets About "Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies"

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 11, 2019
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  • Stoneman
    Stoneman  1 months ago +1

    Reverse psychology at its finest

  • Brandon Azevedo
    Brandon Azevedo  1 months ago +1

    Funny... he also exactly described the US Dollar

  • Jeff Rome
    Jeff Rome  1 months ago +2

    Donald said "Unregulated crypto assets"

  • Anthony Seda
    Anthony Seda  1 months ago

    Hahaha Back fire to current system..

  • smoky e
    smoky e  1 months ago

    We are in crypto to make what. The us dollar.

  • Christopher Mckee
    Christopher Mckee  1 months ago +4

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  • Ryan Robinson
    Ryan Robinson  1 months ago +1

    Alex please look up what his Federal Reserve guy said today on Twitter..... it screams xrp and or gold !!!!

  • LucidLegend84
    LucidLegend84  1 months ago +1

    You guys ever think that what he tweets and what he does are two different things?

  • Bronte Zadow
    Bronte Zadow  1 months ago

    Alex, What if ?? The illegal behaviours the Prez is referring to are :
    1) the pump n dumps of the unregulated market we all witness regularly in the lowcap projects which validate the term sh_tcoin - whether it is whales or coordinated trading groups, or larger unaudited ifinex et al printing tether into oblivion for the exchanges to buy BTC cheap, inflate it with that buy pressure, and sell for good profits leaving us little fish retail investors holding their bags??
    2) or maybe he's referring to the huge number of ico's that weren't/aren't much more than a whitepaper, that have raked in big dollars for diddly squat ??
    3) Dodgy exchange hacks and/or closures, fishing scams, or local bitcoin meetups that result in the theft of Digital Assets ??
    .Maybe I missed a few?
    Good content though mate - I enjoy watching your channel :)

  • crypto shimazu
    crypto shimazu  1 months ago

    Alexander. Don't take this twit seriously. Twitter account whose hack and down for 8 hours. Go and figure out if it's real Donald Trump twit or a fake one

  • Manuel Alejandro López G

    in crypto money we trust, trumperas.

  • Ethan Michell
    Ethan Michell  1 months ago +1

    Hey XRP is ready for the banks. We are already ready. Level playingfield!

  • Salim Khan
    Salim Khan  1 months ago

    holy moly!

  • XRP Micheaux
    XRP Micheaux  1 months ago

    President Trump has an XRP tipbot! Seriously!

  • Crypto Bill Blockchain

    Blormph. What a disappointment...

  • Tony Shine
    Tony Shine  1 months ago +1

    Maybe he should be asked about Digital Assets and DLT and see if the response if different!

  • The Windsor Group
    The Windsor Group  1 months ago

    US money is about trust. And people trust it worldwide.

  • Wiley Fox
    Wiley Fox  1 months ago

    Mate your wrong if you think Trump tweets random crap without knowing Whats going on, his tweets are calculated.

  • Tantricsecrets
    Tantricsecrets  1 months ago

    The dollar is backed by the military. Remember what happened to the leaders of other countries who tried to get away from the dollar.

  • Alfredo Moreno
    Alfredo Moreno  1 months ago

    That means that Trump is for Bsv the one and only that will be adopted