How To Use Math To Optimize Your Good Habits | Gabriel Weinberg Ep. 214

  • Published on:  Thursday, June 20, 2019
  • Gabriel Weinberg is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, founder of privacy-protecting search engine DuckDuckGo, and coauthor of Super Thinking: The Big Book of Mental Models.

    ✍️ Full show notes and worksheet for this episode:

    DuckDuckGo founder and Super Thinking: The Big Book of Mental Models co-author Gabriel Weinberg joins us to discuss how we can leverage mental models to easily examine and understand complex concepts, solve problems, and identify cognitive biases, giving us a more accurate and comprehensive view of the world around us.

    It might sound complicated, but it’s quite the opposite. By the end of this episode, you’ll be making better decisions more reliably and seeing through smoke and mirrors when someone is intentionally trying to deceive you — and that is a skill set worth tucking into your arsenal.

    What We Discuss with Gabriel Weinberg:
    🤓 What are mental models, and how can they be applied to make your life run more efficiently and effectively?
    🤓 How mental models used primarily in physics, economics, biology, and math can be easily adjusted for everyday decisions.
    🤓 What a South American tribe that can only count to three and our own grade school experiences with multiplication tables can teach us about the power of math as a mental model.
    🤓 Why you should be second-guessing your natural intuition during the decision-making process, and how you can use mental models to do it.
    🤓 First principles versus conventional wisdom for approaching familiar situations in an innovative way.
    🤓 And much more…

    📖 Super Thinking: The Big Book of Mental Models by Gabriel Weinberg and Lauren McCann
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