Rescuing an abandoned car - Mk3 Cortina 2 Door

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 28, 2015
  • The long awaited sequel is here. Patience paid off and I managed to purchase an abandoned MK3 Cortina 2 door GXL 1972 Automatic 2.0 car with orginal silver paint and ruby red interior. A rare combination and im sure a very rare Mk3 Cortina. This will be fully restored to a high standard next year. This film shows a brief clip from PT1 then the fully recovery is documented. Some suprises in the film for your viewing pleasure.A must for Cortina fans.Dont worry about the rust it will all be repaired.Going to do a swampy factory resto on the 2 door. Every nut and bolt.Every panel...


  • Andrew Gent
    Andrew Gent  6 months ago +4

    Portsmouth number plate, probably Hendy Lennox supplied

  • tiffany branton
    tiffany branton  5 months ago +3

    A time capsule of a super era of classic 70s Ford like the mk 3 cortina 👍👍

  • hugo w
    hugo w  1 months ago +1

    Funny i must be getting old we used to love our cortina . Excellent tow car when rescuing 1930s cars out of bushes

  • John Spratt
    John Spratt  7 months ago +13

    this vid 3 years there a newer vid of the restoration?

  • Mega Laugh slime
    Mega Laugh slime  1 months ago +1

    him trying to start a car that had been in a bush for years . me going to my cousins farm and trying to start all the old broken things . the same thing both of us had was no luck

  • Dario DeNiro
    Dario DeNiro  a years ago +17

    You lot could have scratched the frigin paint pulling it out that with all those brambles still all around the car.

  • jrbs
    jrbs  6 months ago +1

    Haha worrying about the peddle trims is the least of your worries!! 😂
    Love watching this sort of stuff. Better than brexit!

  • G0lf. Gh.
    G0lf. Gh.  14 days ago +3

    อยากได้ คลาสิคดี

  • Road Slogger
    Road Slogger  3 months ago +1

    I would have been trashed and thrashed to death long ago with tasteless tat like stripes if it hadn't been beige. lol

  • folop86
    folop86  6 months ago +1

    My dad owned one of these but was an estate in British racing green

  • ray rep
    ray rep  4 months ago +1

    my first car was a 72 blue automatic 2.0l 2dr

  • sidehatch69 -
    sidehatch69 -  a years ago +2

    The ice cream looks stupendious🌝How the hell do ya drive on the right side of the car and opposite side of road wow car is terrifying in thhe vines lol

  • Dana  Isted
    Dana Isted  3 years ago +1

    brilliant film .can't wait for more well done

  • Stefan
    Stefan  a years ago +3

    nice created video

  • AdyB1978
    AdyB1978  3 years ago +1

    One word Pete awesome the Christine part at the end is very goosebumpy. this will be fantastic when restored. :-)

  • mari brenner
    mari brenner  3 months ago +1

    WoW!! Incredible!!

  • hemi coupe
    hemi coupe  5 months ago +1

    Those are Ian's overalls!!!!!!

  • RareSoulKTF
    RareSoulKTF  6 months ago +1

    awesome used to own a 2litre cortina GT mk 3 was ma first car ..........loved it :)

  • Matt CouncilEstateCapitalist

    Great stuff! Nice references to the film 'Christine' which I loved.
    Top of the range GXL available in 2 door - never realised that before. I would love to have a late 2000E in purple.
    I vaguely recall yy folks had a '74 (M)1600 XL estate in orangey red with snazzy RoStyle wheels when I was very little. Before I was born they had a white saloon which was the same age as the GXL in the video.

  • JOHO 1992
    JOHO 1992  6 months ago

    My father had a brown Ford Taunus 1.6 L a station wagon. Built in 1972. I looking forward in watching the rest of the videos.