1 HOUR EPIC MUSIC | The Most Powerful Female Vocal Music | Vol. #9

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 11, 2019
  • Vol. 9 of fascinating & powerful vocal music.Enjoy !Art by GUWEIZhttps://www.deviantart.com/guweizMy channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/AllvisEdemE...Our community in FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/AllvisParthen/? Pnref = lhcOur community in Vk - https://vk.com/allvisedemTracklist:00:00 ADONA - Climb03:40 Angelflare - Hope Is a Ghost (Epic Version)07:17 Atom Music Audio, Alexa Ray - Eternal Flame11:38 Damned Anthem - Zombie14:25 Eurielle - City of the Dead19:33 Fired Earth Music - Brave22:42 Fired Earth Music - Now I'm Free26:03 Fired Earth Music - Paralysed by Fear29:09 Generdyn - Get Up, Stand Up (feat. Lexxi Saal)31:40 J2 - Umbrella (feat. Jazelle)35:36 Kevin McAllister - Take Over The World (feat. Lydi)38:18 Neoni - Empire41:18 RAIGN - This Is The End44:51 Ranya & Hidden Citizens - Strange Young World48:46 Simple Thieves - Heroes Never Die52:15 Sound Adventures - Celestial Emanation55:01 UNSECRET - Revolution (feat. Ruelle)#Powerful#Epic#Vocal#Female#Volume #9Copyright Information ©* This video received a special license directly from the artists.* All music on this channel is copyrighted!* If you want to use music from this channel, contact the artist directly NOT TO ME - Thanks!* Please do not copy / download my mixes / do not upload my photos.* I do not offer any downloads for any of my videos.Thanks for reading and understanding.


  • Allvis Edem 'Epic Music'
    Allvis Edem 'Epic Music'  1 months ago +46

    Seeing the previous mix's popularity I made the continuation.Enjoy even more !!!
    00:00 ADONA - Climb
    03:40 Angelflare - Hope Is a Ghost (Epic Version)
    07:17 Atom Music Audio, Alexa Ray - Eternal Flame
    11:38 Damned Anthem - Zombie
    14:25 Eurielle - City of the Dead
    19:33 Fired Earth Music - Brave
    22:42 Fired Earth Music - Now I'm Free
    26:03 Fired Earth Music - Paralysed by Fear
    29:09 Generdyn - Get Up, Stand Up (feat. Lexxi Saal)
    31:40 J2 - Umbrella (feat. Jazelle)
    35:36 Kevin McAllister - Take Over The World (feat. Lydi)
    38:18 Neoni - Empire
    41:18 RAIGN - This Is The End
    44:51 Ranya & Hidden Citizens - Strange Young World
    48:46 Simple Thieves - Heroes Never Die
    52:15 Sound Adventures - Celestial Emanation
    55:01 UNSECRET - Revolution (feat. Ruelle)
    P.S The previous mix's link - https://cnclips.net/video/FEr5tD10Tho/video.html

  • Phoenix Lin
    Phoenix Lin  1 months ago +8

    So beautiful music!! This series is my most favorite!! Thank you very much (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ❤* ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

  • Sebastien Russell

    Zombie! ZOMBIE!!!
    [Turn Up the Volume Meme]

  • Xunulu Studios
    Xunulu Studios  yesterday

    Thanks for this epic hour of great music!!!!

  • Iryasu
    Iryasu  1 months ago +4

    Wow this is incredible epic and soothing at the same time. My perfect track for studying. I wish this was 8 hours or more T_T

  • Ken Kaneki TGM
    Ken Kaneki TGM  1 months ago +5

    This is amazing, I love this mix and will always enjoy listening to it, you did an amazing job on this.

  • destino santos
    destino santos  1 months ago +3

    boas músicas só essas propagandas do youtube que estragam o video

  • SED
    SED  1 months ago +6

    Maan I cant even find those Fired Earth tracks on youtube 😶

  • darius bonneville

    merci ,merci car tu ma rendu mon bonheur via cette musique!!!!!! ❤

  • Solar Flare
    Solar Flare  1 months ago +6

    Great mix. Thank you

  • Francis Njihia
    Francis Njihia  1 months ago +2

    Really great mix ... however, the noticeable pauses between songs disrupt a smooth transition ... hopefully your next mix leverages your great playlist selection with my recommendation

  • No Game No Life !
    No Game No Life !  1 months ago +3

    Amazing ! İ love it

  • RubenDaShizNit
    RubenDaShizNit  1 months ago +6

    whoah its like how life is now

  • Sergey F.
    Sergey F.  1 months ago +3

    Surprisingly good :)

  • Merazor
    Merazor  1 months ago +3

    Sound good thank you!

  • Chojniak
    Chojniak  1 months ago +2

    omg it s really nice i love it

  • PrAiSe ThE sUn
    PrAiSe ThE sUn  yesterday


  • ·٠•●✭_BuRnOuT_✭●•٠·

    the advertisement is really annoying.
    I respect your work and have my adblock disabled. however, I‘m not willing to skip ads like crazy. especially not in a music mix.

  • Oleanda
    Oleanda  1 months ago +4

    So amazing and lovely mix!
    From the first to the last song.
    Thank you so much, i enjoyed it, a lot.
    ps i subscribed on your channel. Thank you once again.

  • TrapStation
    TrapStation  1 months ago +1