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  • TheMamiFication  1 years ago

    you know mike is a genuinely a good person when his expensive camera was knocked down he asked the server condition rather than worrying about his camera.gotta love this guy

  • ALL DAY  1 months ago

    Patrick Nguyen U seen him as his pay check but do u know he also has to cut some sacks with other

  • Stephanie Jackson  2 months ago

    He didn’t look at the camera 🤧

  • Honey Hong  1 years ago

    I'm pretty sure banh xeo is not made with eggs. It's just the color from the tumeric powder.

  • End my Life  28 days ago

    You’re correct, it’s turmeric powder. I’m kind of allergic to it though.

  • May B.  a months ago

    That’s what I said. He needs to do research if he’s trying to do a food channel.

  • MsCherade9  1 years ago

    One of the nicest things about much of this Vietnamese food is that amount of fresh herbs and lettuce, veggies and fruit that every meal seems to have. It makes me really want to cook more of it at home.

  • Worldsteezy  8 days ago

    BellRain Chan Lao is basically hot pot

  • Worldsteezy  8 days ago

    MsCherade9 and it’s cheap

  • Restored Beauty  1 years ago

    Omg that traffic behind you and they aren't even fighting. Awesome video

  • Ngan Nguyen  10 days ago

    It’s like that every day and night. When I went to Vietnam, I was sleeping and I could hear motorcycle engines and slight honking all night. So if you’ve never been there, welcome to Vietnam.

  • Kyristina Lee  1 years ago

    Because of your Vietnam series, I am saving money to go to Vietnam next year! Cannot wait to eat all that you did!

  • Tran Loc  1 months ago

    @Kyristina Lee Are.. are you here yet?

  • Chien Nguyen  1 months ago

    Come over here, I'll be your personal tour guide.

  • X  1 years ago

    There's no eggs in Bánh xèo 🙂it's the color from the turmeric powder. It's creamy because there's coconut milk, not because of eggs

  • Kurosawa  12 days ago

    @Michael John G he prob live in vietnam i do too and there is no egg in banh xeo

  • Michael John G  6 months ago

    U talking bout the 1st dish ?! Dat looks like egg

  • Greaser  1 years ago

    Makes me angry. You can get that delicious thing for 50 cents and I am over here buying 6 inch subs for 7 dollars... damn I hate our food options sometimes.

  • Tommy Phu  7 months ago

    You know why? Because $1 is around 23,000 VND and most things here is under 20,000 VND so it’s cheap af

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  • 4$ for 16 desserts!! Thats an awesome deal man!!

  • Worldsteezy  8 days ago

    No it’s not poor it’s for saving money or probably because it is very I mean VERY busy in Vietnam I’m Vietnamese and when I’m in Vietnam no matter what time it is every stall is busy. It is a small country it’s a bit messy but overall a great country ya know

  • Anh Tú Vũ  25 days ago

    Dang Le as long as we’re still socialist its only a dream. All the money go to big guys’ pockets every year and we’re all payinh thr debts for the government. I just wish we had someone talented and powerful enough to change the curreny engine and beat up those assholes sitting at the top.

  • John Eli  1 years ago

    I like how Vietnamese food has a nice balance between cooked food and raw veggies. Very good

  • Tracy Nguyen  1 years ago

    Banh xeo is yellow because of the tumeric, not eggs. And bo la lot is wrapped in betel leaves, not basil leaves.

  • Charles Nguyen  5 months ago

    @TONKOTSU666 would you (or anybody) like some súp cua tạp tẩm? 5:17 It's pretty delicious.

  • TONKOTSU666  5 months ago

    @Charles Nguyen hahaha dat 'banh seyo' lmao