Automotive Collision Repairs-How To Fix A Wrecked Bumper Cover In 20 Minutes

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 11, 2016
  • My Friend Pete shows us how easy it is to fix a badly dented and cracked front or rear bumper cover from start to finish in this 20 minute video.. Using a heat gun and a dent puller hook will fix it right and have it painted in no time.. or 972-420-1293

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    Automotive Collision Repairs-How To Fix A Wrecked Bumper Cover In 20 Minutes


  • TheTRUTH IsOutThere
    TheTRUTH IsOutThere  1 months ago

    Thank you sir for your tutorial. I have the utmost respect for you skilled tradesman! I also feel your pain...

  • Philip Dimmock
    Philip Dimmock  1 months ago

    Delicious 🤣🤣🤣👍🏼

  • C
    C  1 months ago

    Cut the government bulshit

  • jso726
    jso726  2 months ago

    This looks genius, until you give it a second thought...Why not heat the dent and push from the inside to pop the dent out??

  • Allen Wilbur
    Allen Wilbur  2 months ago

    What type of bondo did u use, is its bondo made for plastic instead of metal?

  • Aman Chawla
    Aman Chawla  2 months ago

    Instead of drilling and blowing hot air. Simply pour hot boiling water over the dent area and put some pressure from the inside. The bumper will get back in shape without drilling.

  • pedro rodriguez
    pedro rodriguez  2 months ago


  • Jane Dope
    Jane Dope  3 months ago

    Where’s the car in the pic for this video???

  • Mister Hand
    Mister Hand  3 months ago

    How do we get Trump and his multi death corporations out from deep up our asses?

  • Ivan
    Ivan  7 months ago

    Cool but ur camera man have to 🎥 do a better job regarding shadowing. Still thanks

    LxTxSURGE  8 months ago


  • Diana a
    Diana a  8 months ago +4

    As for me a hard working single mother.... I couldn't afford a new SUV" so I bought a fixer upper!
    That needs lots of love...
    So far" Iv put in a new windshield'
    A new water pump'
    New muffler and ec an tail pipe'
    New gaige console'
    Cleaned up the cluster of wire's'
    Sealed the sun roof from leaking'
    Put on a refurbished matching rim with new tire'
    Painted under the trim'
    Pulled dents out'
    Sanded the bumpers"
    Painted a light coat of grey high gloss paint over them trying to match' it up"
    Then I finished with a light coat of high clear gloss'👍😄🙌💪👌
    It looks ok'
    But I still want to fix the front bumper better! That's how I found your awesome utube sight!👍🙌💪👌how to DIY my self even as a women I know I can do this!😁🙌👍 so thank you so much!✨getter done right👌👍✨

  • william afari
    william afari  9 months ago

    Pete thanks for your demonstration. Congratulations

  • ziyad ali
    ziyad ali  9 months ago

    .. Thank you

  • Cali Coal Roller
    Cali Coal Roller  11 months ago +1

    I agree about the small business owner. Fee here, fee there. Born free, taxed to death!

  • Neo J. Ssk
    Neo J. Ssk  a years ago +1

    At home maybe $50.... inssurance ? Lets remove the entire bumper and get a new one and paint it and instal it and thats how it literally works. In small words everything is money 💲💲🙃in this days

  • Varun Biswas
    Varun Biswas  a years ago

    It would be great if you could recommend where to buy the tools from. I can't find the dent puller hook anywhere.

  • Hona Wikeepa
    Hona Wikeepa  a years ago

    Cheers from Aoteaoa NZ brother. Great video.

  • lexadoma
    lexadoma  a years ago

    You guys are amazing!

  • Enlightened News
    Enlightened News  a years ago

    Great job brother.