Should BTS Serve In The Korean Army? | ASIAN BOSS

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
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  • Asian Boss
    Asian Boss  a years ago +2653

    Should BTS serve in the Korean military? Take the poll in the video and discuss.

  • Suga Kara
    Suga Kara  2 months ago +884

    "If BTS served in the military, will they still be BTS or they'll be ARMY???"

  • Clare
    Clare  4 months ago +2009

    Not that I know BTS, but judging by how they embrace their culture a lot, they might feel embarrassed or uncomfortable being exempt from the military. They also come across as very humble, so they'd probably prefer to participate (especially since it is the law).

  • Maria Monica Cruz
    Maria Monica Cruz  4 months ago +1168

    Bts said it themselves that they will serve in the military whatever the circumstance is, ARMY’s will be waiting for them whatever happens 😊❤️

  • Trang Hoàng Thanh
    Trang Hoàng Thanh  4 months ago +1040

    To be honest, me and all the Armys will feel sad when BTS goes to the military. Maybe, if they will be exempted from the serving in the army but I definitely can say that they will continue to serve in the army like all the normal men in Korea.

  • Seokie T_T
    Seokie T_T  a years ago +3726

    Don’t y’all find it weird how you international Kpop stans are more upset about this than actual Koreans who had served in the military?

    I AM TAECMR  4 months ago +671

    y’all just imagine jungkook in the military 🗿

  • Victoria Claudio
    Victoria Claudio  4 months ago +848

    In my opinion, I'm a person of standards. So to me, if their law is for every man to serve two years, then every man should serve 2 years. Period. All these exemptions just ruin the whole purpose of the law. However, since there are exceptions for people who represent Korea well, and if Korean citizens THEMSELVES dont really care whether bts serves or not, then I do not see the point in being angry about it.

  • Isfarina Sarosa
    Isfarina Sarosa  4 months ago +463

    International people can't actually have a say in this, cause its THEIR LAW, it doesn't matter who you are as long as you're a South Korea citizen. Sure, BTS has break boundaries that no other group ever did, but rooted doen, they're still South Koreans. And BigHit actually put out a statement that they will serve like any other citizen.

  • Jn niel
    Jn niel  4 months ago +255

    Can they just go to the military site as a group? I mean they dont have a large distant of age right? They just can wait till jungkook can go with them and have a military service together

  • no name no name
    no name no name  3 months ago +87

    They're all different ages so it'll take 8 years for them to come back. I don't think I'll survive without them.

  • Fuyukai UWU
    Fuyukai UWU  4 months ago +114

    You know what puts people off about this topic? The word 'mandatory'.

  • Xiumin’s Smile exo
    Xiumin’s Smile exo  2 months ago +109

    I think BTS should go. But I’ll pray for them to come back safely

  • bhannahnixole
    bhannahnixole  1 months ago +15

    BTS is much bigger now and the influence they have right now is unbelievable.
    They actually have a BIG contribution to Korea's economy

  • jungkookah
    jungkookah  3 months ago +412

    If BTS do enlist in the military ,I'm taking a break on kpop until there return

  • glayd
    glayd  4 months ago +332

    It's just politics. No matter how high tge achievement of bangtan, me as a fan, as an army, they should. It's their responsibility. And they didn't deny it either. Probably jin will enter much very soon but we will still support everything and everyone. We will wait! 💜💜

  • living _mochi
    living _mochi  4 months ago +52

    I sorry if I'm wrong but Bts confirmed that they will join the army. It's their choice really

  • You are right
    You are right  2 months ago +57

    It will be really IRONIC if they didnt serve in the Army

  • AF
    AF  a years ago +1863

    If I'm not mistaken, the congressman never specifically said that BTS needs to be exempt from the mandatory military service; a lot of translators on twitter emphasised that. He said that K-pop stars, actors, b-boys, athletes, and others who represent the country well internationally should be considered for exemptions, because currently only classical musicians and dancers, and world class athletes who represent South Korea on a global stage and achieve high results receive exemptions. That is, criteria for receiving exemptions should be broadened to reflect contemporary culture.

  • gabby ireneo
    gabby ireneo  1 months ago +15

    I wish they can serve together, instead of them having a specific date, because if they all serve together for the same amount of time, they can come back and continue be BTS together! If that is allowed :(