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  • samwich  (Sep 13, 2018))


  • Pixely Planet  (4 days ago))

    look at LSPs

  • Nathan A96  (5 days ago))

    Well they are different voice actors in the beginning and then later on

  • The Three Scrubs  (Oct 5, 2018))

    Who else grew up on this show

  • RILEY WALLACE  (23 hours ago))


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  • AceWire802  (Sep 21, 2018))

    Gunther’s last lines, so powerful. I didn’t cry. You cried.

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  • NioJ Plays  (Feb 4, 2019))

    Omg that is actually sad since he wished to be loved by ice king

  • Twistii Cuber  (Oct 10, 2018))

    The show was so derpy at first, then it became all serious and sad

  • Jifin^-^  (Feb 14, 2019))

    It was a good transition though especially if you grew up on it

  • Bill Kill  (Feb 12, 2019))

    I personally think they purposely “matured” the show bc they knew that their audience was also growing

  • Aryc  (Sep 23, 2018))

    Everybody here is talking about Fern's last words being super sad, but Betty's final line is pretty powerful, too.Most of the characters in Adventure Time have grown and changed, but Betty's only change was into a maddened wizard and didn't come about by actual character development, and, even then, she was still the same as she's always been at her core. Betty has even stated herself that she's pretty sure that she's been completely dictated by Simon ever since she met him, and that there isn't real...

  • panda chan  (Feb 16, 2019))

    Then theres shelby

  • Goldy beis  (Jan 27, 2019))

    She got crushed to death :(

  • Friedrich Lee  (Sep 12, 2018))

    Fern's last words are actually a bittersweet goodbye and very powerful.

  • Weech  (5 days ago))

    So sad

  • TheTwisted Person  (Feb 15, 2019))

    Why are you telling the creators of Adventure Time that they are wrong.

  • Mr. Brightside  (Dec 11, 2018))

    *MmMmM ChEcK pLeAsE*

  • Harrison Alexander  (4 days ago))

    @Mr. Brightside I fInD yOuR cOmMeNt. MmMm ExCePtIbLe!

  • grackle_dfos  (Feb 7, 2019))

    I knew I could count on you XD

  • Furno  (Oct 15, 2018))

    Everybody is saying that Fern's last line is so emotional but Shelby's last line really brought a tear to my eye

  • Alex Nicholls  (5 days ago))

    kebadachii e

  • LuCaS tEa  (Feb 6, 2019))

    I’m laughing hard😂 I was expecting it to be sad

  • Brenda Moreno  (Dec 11, 2018))

    Ice King was a major character development

  • Russell Groenewoud  (Jan 14, 2019))

    He was one of the BEST villains ever! :D

  • StrangeStrongs  (Dec 29, 2018))

    Brenda Moreno his story line was the main reason I kept with the show

  • Charziken  (Dec 9, 2018))

    This show premiered on my 13th birthday, and I watched it for a solid few seasons until we couldn't afford cable anymore. I was able to catch an episode here and there at a buddies place, but was never able to get the full experience, and I regret that. Even though I probably only saw around half the series, I still easily consider the show part of me growing up.

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  • Nicholas Seifert  (4 days ago))

    Dang man I used to watch it every Saturday and I finished out when it ended freshman year