Adventure Time | Finale: Characters' First and Last Lines | Cartoon Network

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018


  • Gamingmine  3 months ago

    I feel old knowing an entire generation was born in the life span of this show

  • Mr. IKnow Gen Z is 2000-2020

  • Kay Fortnite  7 days ago

    I was born 11-2019

  • Velocity  3 months ago

    I stopped watching after a few years because I stopped watching cartoons and now I feel like a part of me is missing

  • Blueberry Gamer  yesterday

    Me too!

  • Velocity same and I regret it a lot

  • Jdudhe Bsisjow  3 months ago

    *Please stop toying with my emotions, Cartoon Network.*Edit: Wow, I've never gotten this many likes! Thanks, y'all!

  • Digimon Miracle  8 days ago

    I love adventure time but........ I like Digimon more than it but I cried on the adventure time final

  • That One Person  18 days ago

    You do I do bold

  • Khajiit  3 months ago

    Shows I've grown up on have died.. I go back to watch them and I'm just hit with a wave of memories of my younger days.. I wish I could go back in time

  • You can't have everything

  • Kylo Fluster  12 days ago

    Yes we have our youthful days go by, but be proud by the person you’ve became! Never regret but know you learned and still are learning. There’s never a time were you stop, it’s never the end until your ready. You can still go back by doing the things you use to do as a kid. There’s no one saying you can’t!

  • Arthur Morgan  3 months ago

    aw "You're getting tall. Goodnight."

  • Luci the Fox  17 days ago

    Unrelated but I feel proud to be the 1,000th like

  • RIVARAPTOR  1 months ago

    I read this in Arthur Morgans voice

  • the graceful doot  1 months ago

    "i just wish i could see the treehouse.. one more time." "then let's go there. right now." "no, that's okay. just promise to plant me there."

  • Donnytelo 101  1 months ago

    "Its ok... Just promise to plant me there."Me: *AAUGHHHH*

  • Armani Minchaca  21 days ago

    mr stark i dont feel so good

  • Skill Cipher 5  1 months ago

    Sadly I missed all these episodes, I remember my first and last episode so well, and now it's over and a piece of my child hood is missing

  • JANAETHEGODDESS Nae  3 months ago

    Tell me why I just figured out ladyraincorn was speaking Korean.

  • 아미  17 days ago


  • Crystal 959  18 days ago

    They say it’s Korean in the show. Multiple times. You tell us why

  • Dankus Duck  3 months ago

    We 2000's kids really just grew up with a great selection of cartoons. The nostalgic feelings I get when watching these types of videos is crazy. I'm sure most of you can relate

  • Levelonesucks  3 days ago

    @crumblymunky i was 1999 but I still watched all those as a kid

  • Karla Tello  5 days ago


  • uwu owo  1 months ago


  • GamingGeek 820  28 days ago