kermit fell into the pool



  • CookiPieDIY
    CookiPieDIY  2 hours ago

    The moment you came for 1:31

  • HellieTheBabe
    HellieTheBabe  12 hours ago

    The way he fell into the pool was pure comedy. Glad he's safe though xD

  • Lartu Kingston
    Lartu Kingston  yesterday

    This bitch is eating the apple and letting the dog lick it

  • Zaxor Von Skyler
    Zaxor Von Skyler  2 days ago +1

    I wonder why bigger dogs love swimming more than smaller dogs?

    • Kathryn Mercier
      Kathryn Mercier  yesterday

      I believe it has to do with the fact that many breeds of large dogs, like labs, were specifically bred to be excellent swimmers. Same with shepherds

    • Zaxor Von Skyler
      Zaxor Von Skyler  yesterday

      +Jeyy obviously size doesn't matter when it somes to other animals there size that can swim like otters or beavers.

    • Jeyy
      Jeyy  yesterday

      Idk, could be the fact that small dogs are smaller...and have a sense that they can drown

  • Anya Lattrez
    Anya Lattrez  2 days ago

    Why is is always Kermit! I mean he steps in oil paint, got a spooder bite!!!! And many more! 😩😂

  • Taylor Covington
    Taylor Covington  2 days ago +2

    Ok now we know he’s safe can we just acknowledge how funny this was 1:58

    • Taylor Covington
      Taylor Covington  yesterday

      Jeyy yeah but he’s built for that he’s all good

    • Jeyy
      Jeyy  yesterday

      Just look at them legs😂 that had to have hurt!?!? I mean its like scraping his little feet

  • Hydro Eyee
    Hydro Eyee  2 days ago

    Bro your hair is fucked

  • muggyruggy
    muggyruggy  2 days ago

    You two love your pets like we do, like they should be loved. Awesome....

  • Kate Oberholtzer
    Kate Oberholtzer  3 days ago

    Jenna and Julien are so cute together ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

  • Rosie yourangel
    Rosie yourangel  3 days ago

    Kermit licking the apple 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kaylabelle Seimet

    Seriously this is scary but funny at the same time

  • Kaylabelle Seimet
    Kaylabelle Seimet  3 days ago +1

    Ok the replay not gonna lie was halariouse

  • jake15187
    jake15187  3 days ago

    They were letting cerm lick the apple then they would eat it is that just weird to me

  • Simplytessa Root
    Simplytessa Root  4 days ago

    my dog fell in the pool and his hair is down t the ground he feel in the deep end and it was winter so the pool was freezing he feel int he pool i I froze up I legit couldn’t move and he was just there and we had just gotten our dog so I felt so bad if I wasn’t there he would have died but ik he would have loved water but just because that happens if he even get near any water sometimes even his water bowl he gets so scare and tries to run

  • KA8
    KA8  4 days ago

    That thumbnail is kinda funny tho, haha

  • Veryugly FERRET
    Veryugly FERRET  4 days ago

    I love how fast Julien came to save Kermit, it made me so happy I don’t know why , I had to do this too with my bigger dog and I did the same thing as Julien, it’s very startling as he said but now that I think about it it’s funny

  • Adrian Chase
    Adrian Chase  4 days ago

    Why am I watching right when I have to go to the pools tomorrow?

  • Caroline Watts
    Caroline Watts  5 days ago

    It actually makes me so happy seeing you be nice to your dogs because so many people are jerks to there dogs and it makes me so sad

  • Kallie Morgan
    Kallie Morgan  6 days ago

    The thumbnail sent me

  • Jacob Stepanski
    Jacob Stepanski  6 days ago +2