Sun Dried Tomato Scramble - You Suck at Cooking (episode 31)

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 1, 2016
  • Subscribe:►► Episode 1:►► Episode 2:►► I can say is I could not have done this without Devon. Devon is supremely talented, very generous, and he's really smartened up lately.


  • TinTin
    TinTin  3 years ago +752

    This egg series is a million times better than most crap on TV that I pay so much to not watch.

  • mopspugcarlin
    mopspugcarlin  3 years ago +1762

    The plot thickens...

  • Kevini saname
    Kevini saname  3 years ago +561

    I would actually watch those egg clips as a full series

  • rhizah1109
    rhizah1109  3 years ago +440

    I'm so happy YouTube recommended this channel to me

  • casper the ghost
    casper the ghost  3 years ago +1452

    im heavily invested in these eggs

  • HatchetHaro
    HatchetHaro  3 years ago +1826

    jeez, that production quality, like, wtf

  • Anna R
    Anna R  3 years ago +335

    I ship John and Douglas.

  • oldbroken1
    oldbroken1  3 years ago +199

    What the shell is going on? Does any one have a list of which episodes contain more of the is egg-citing story? I am late to the show and I feel i am missing the yolk of the story.

  • bobby smith
    bobby smith  3 years ago +370

    I don't know if anyone said this, but i'm glad you take your time getting these videos out. Makes them perfect every time :D

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy  3 years ago +448

    You are very talented with your perfect dry humor coupled with the obvious imagination. Keep it up brother I have marathoned your vids a couple times already.

  • Hisila Maharjan
    Hisila Maharjan  3 years ago +314

    I really hope the egg I eat is not a murderer and...does not pee...on the wall.

  • BBQGuys
    BBQGuys  3 years ago +350

    Yeah, moon dried tomatoes just don't have the same flavor as the sun dried ones.

  • luminatate
    luminatate  3 years ago +152

    Ysac you have mad cinematography skills

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett  3 years ago +69

    Um, moon dried tomatoes are incredible, I just don't feel like I can trust you anymore when you said that the moon DNA is a rip-off. Ugh, unsubbed

  • Gappiya
    Gappiya  3 years ago +292

    You should make a feature bro.

  • Pro Home Cooks
    Pro Home Cooks  3 years ago +893


  • Chris D
    Chris D  3 years ago +88

    How am I so intrigued on a story about eggs. I need part 4!

  • goodeggpro
    goodeggpro  3 years ago +366

    Please let this slow burn with only 2 or three more episodes of this epic over the course of the year. I watch and laugh at all of your episodes, but this is amazing. And I want to it continue to be awesome without getting tired. Or don't listen to me. I'm stupid. Do what you do. Thanks for the entertainment.

  • Max Paterson
    Max Paterson  3 years ago +466

    ...What awards do i nominate this for?

  • LevelUpLifting
    LevelUpLifting  3 years ago +10

    I like to think John has a reason why he's going around scrambling all the other eggs (ba dum tss)...hopefully this story has a happy ending
    P.S. Waiting on an egg named Benedict as a pun off the dish called eggs benedict. DO THIS FOR ME PLS YSAC