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  • Published on:  Monday, August 21, 2017
  • Prior to embarking on the world tour for the final fight of his illustrious career, undefeated future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather gave FightHype.com an exclusive look into his flashy lifestyle. Check out the scene as Mayweather showed off his collection of watches worth millions.


  • Mike Tank Brown ll
    Mike Tank Brown ll  a years ago +869

    I can hear the hoes in the background....I know they bad too.

  • Bucky Love
    Bucky Love  a years ago +690

    I have a watch built into my phone

  • morningblue
    morningblue  a years ago +588

    i dont have anything against stainless steel...but this is white gold LOL

  • borna asi
    borna asi  6 months ago +167

    Jeweller: “how many diamonds you want?”
    Floyd: “yes”

  • Elias Safo
    Elias Safo  a years ago +217

    He didn’t answer a single question 😂😂

  • Conrad Dent
    Conrad Dent  a years ago +443

    He's got a lot of watches for someone that can't tell the time

  • Ed Loki
    Ed Loki  a years ago +265

    Diamond encrusted Casio?? I think Floyd took too many punches to the head the day he bought that one.

  • TheSven020
    TheSven020  5 months ago +44

    There is a reason why Patec Philippe doesn't put diamonds on this type of watch. It's an icon, leave it that way

  • Benny 1838
    Benny 1838  a years ago +450

    Just because you cover something in 💎 don't make it look good they look a bit to flashy.

  • Fredo Montana
    Fredo Montana  a years ago +463

    Meanwhile Conor is wearing a $25,000 Rolex

  • xibalba117 M.
    xibalba117 M.  a years ago +64

    A casio watch with dimonds... for real ?

  • jamaicanlovrboy
    jamaicanlovrboy  a years ago +84

    one thing i cant stand with Floyd Mayweather is when he is doing an interview and asked a simple question.......He ALWAYS goes off topic answering some other shit he wasnt asked about. In this interview, the guy asked...what catches his eyes when he buys watches...Floyd responded "i stay in my lane" WDF

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name  2 months ago +15

    He claims to be "the first one to wear a Patek Philippe" I'm guessing 300 years of watchmaking and no one wanted to wear them until they saw Floyd

  • Lance Miller
    Lance Miller  a years ago +219

    Here comes the Floyd haters saying he should buy the kids watches or how he should spend his money

  • nadnerb
    nadnerb  a years ago +78

    Conor fans love watching Floyd videos, true fans of Floyd they are as well aw :-')

    BEE VANG  2 months ago +2

    Floyd made smart investment in himself, not his future

  • Michael Atkinson
    Michael Atkinson  6 months ago +2

    They will all be sold off the day he goes bankrupt

  • Chad Jones
    Chad Jones  2 months ago +4

    Why do you buy these particular watches? Do you study them? Do you research before you buy?
    Floyd: ahh man I just stay in my lane lol 😂 😂😂.
    Floyd is something else

    MAHDIfied4SOPHIA  2 months ago +4

    So floyd was the "first one" wearing a patek phillipe , 1868 is when they made their first wristwatch , I guess he comes from a culture of liars

  • Sonagi
    Sonagi  7 months ago +2

    Serious question. Why do people with a low IQ care so much about being iced out?